Poop Kanji Workbook (Unko Kanji Drill) うんこ漢字ドリル

I recommend a great workbook for leaning Kanji 漢字 to people who are learning Japanese 日本語. A unique thing about the wo...
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Hanamaru Udon はなまるうどん

はなまるうどん restaurants offer many kinds of Udon and tempura. Udon costs from 130 yen. A piece of tempura costs 100 yen to...
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YOSHINOYA 吉野家 Vegetable Set Meal ベジ定食・ベジ皿

One of famous beef bowl shops YOSHINOYA 吉野家 in Japan offers a new food. It is Vegetable Set Meal (Bezi-tei ベジ定) 490 y...
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2/2 Yakushima Island National Park, World Natural Heritage in Japan 世界自然遺産 屋久島

English information is coming soon... ついに、念願の縄文杉とご対面♪
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1/2 Yakushima Island National Park, World Natural Heritage in Japan 世界自然遺産 屋久島

4 nights 5 days trip in Yakushima Island 屋久島 to see ancient Jomon ceder 縄文杉!!
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teamLab: Digitized Kochi Castle チームラボ 高知城 光の祭

This exhibition is held until January 6, 2019 at Kochi Castle. What a fantastic art piece! My recommended event.
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Boobs おっぱい

Beautiful boobs! Don't think. Feel!
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Samurai Cosplay at a Museum in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo

If you have a samurai spirit, you can be samurai in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo.
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Low Priced Meal – 500 Yen Lunch at SAKURASUISAN さくら水産 in Tokyo

Amazingly Low Priced Lunch! This set meal costs only 500 yen which includes free refills for rice, miso soup, raw egg...
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Discover Small Aliens in Japan

The aliens were caught and preserved by canning in Japan. Why don't you get the can?