Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし・イカ飯

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯 Food

IKAMESHI is a delicious dish made with squid and rice that is local to Hokkaido 北海道, Japan. (Northern Japan) It is a simmered food seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, Japanese style broth and so on.

IKAMESHI (Squid Rice) いかめし・イカ飯

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

This squid dish is well known among Japanese people. Unfortunately, restaurants that offer this food are very rare. However, you may be able to find it in vacuum packaging at Japanese supermarkets.
Many supermarkets throughout Japan sell this food, but they usually have only a few packs in stock and are often sold out.

Keep at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

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Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

It is used domestically produced squid and sticky / glutinous rice.
On the package, the word for rice is written below.

When I bought this at a supermarket in Tokyo, it was 498 yen + 8% tax.

How to heat

It is necessary to heat before eating by following the directions below.

Recommend Directions:
Put the unopened pack into boiling water and heat for 15 minutes, maintaining a boil on low heat.
Make sure that the pack does not touch the pot and do not keep the pack as far from an open flame as possible, as the pack might melt.

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

Easy Directions:
Make a cut in the pack at the marked location...
- - - - - - - - - ->

but don't take out the food.
Then, heat the pack in a microwave (500-700W) for 2-3 minutes. The squid may get tough if you use a microwave.

Photos of Sliced IKAMESHI

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

Originally, the dish is made by simmering both the squid and sticky (glutinous) rice together.
There is another version of this dish where the cooked rice is stuffed after the squid is simmered.
Both ways are tasty, but I recommend the original method for a more integrated squid flavor.

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯
Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯
Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

This squid dish in vacuum packaging tasted great!


ふるさと祭り 東京 Furusato Matsuri Tokyo
SUSHIRO スシロー Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

In 2019, a sushi restaurant I visited offered Ikameshi. They used sushi rice (vinegared rice) instead of sticky rice.
(It was limited time item. 1 dish was 150 yen + 10% tax)

11 - 29 November of 2020, it is available again, until sold-out
at a sushi chain SUSHIRO スシロー in Japan.
丸ごとイカ寿司 Marugoto-ika-sushi 150 yen

It might stop selling before the last day, if stocks run out.
Get the special item as soon as possible!

おすすめ一覧 | 回転寿司 スシロー
SUSHIRO スシロー Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯
SUSHIRO スシロー Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯
SUSHIRO スシロー Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし イカ飯

In this version, the sushi rice was stuffed after the squid was cooked. It was yummy, too.

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