Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司

Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司Food

Conveyor-belt sushi restaurant KURASUSHI くら寿司
2 branches are located near Ikebukuro 池袋 Station in downtown Tokyo.
You can walk there in 6 minutes from the station.
Ikebukuro area is good for sightseeing and shopping.

There are many 100 yen conveyor-belt sushi chains in Japan, but they are usually located in the suburbs, and are not easy to access on foot.
It is really rare to open 100 yen conveyor-belt sushi restaurant in downtown Tokyo.
Because rent in downtown Tokyo is very expensive so normally that's reflected in the cost on the menu for food and beverage.
However, KURASUSHI offers really inexpensive sushi!

*KURASUSHI くら寿司 is pronounced KURAZUSHI in Japanese.

Sushi Gallery

Most of the sushi dishes cost 100 yen. (Some of them cost 200 yen)

* Sushi menu is often changed. Please look over the latest menu on their website.

Other Foods except Sushi

They are 100 yen to more.

Revolving Sushi Bar Kurasushi
Revolving Sushi Bar Kurasushi

There are 2 branches in Ikebukuro 池袋 Tokyo
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
Ikebukuro Higashiguchi branch 池袋東口店 is on the B1F.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
Ikebukuro Higashiguchi branch 池袋東口店 is on the B1F.

  1. Google Maps of Ikebukuro Higashiguchi branch 池袋東口店
  2. Google Maps of Ikebukuro Sunshine City 60 Dori branch 池袋サンシャイン60通り店
  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • English picture menu on a touch panel is available at the 2 branches above. (Some other branches don't have English menu.)
    The picture menu on their website is Japanese edition.
  • Prices are not including tax.
  • No smoking

There are more than 400 branches in Japan.

Tips and Recommended dishes

Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
I recommend this creamy texture sushi たら白子ジュレポン酢. Tara Shirako
Cod Soft Roe with Ponzu Jelly Tasty!
It is cod soft roe (milt) on vinegared rice.

Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
I recommend blowfish (pufferfish) sushi. ふぐ Fugu
Don't worry about blowfish poison.
It is cooked nonpoisonous by licensed manufacturer.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
There are three kinds of sauce.
柚子ポン酢 Citrus-flavored soy sauce
甘だれ Sweet sauce
しょうゆ Soy sauce
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
They use high quality wasabi わさび. Free of charge
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
Kura Dashi くら出汁
Dashi is Japanese style broth. It is traditional soup.
If you are a chief or interested in Japanese food cooking, it is worth trying.
Dashi is often used for Japanese food.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
特製茶碗蒸し Tokusei Chawanmushi
Dashi is in it.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
うどん Udon
Dashi is in it.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
After you order food with the touch panel, sushi comes with a board from the kitchen like this picture!
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
After you take the dish from the board to your table, you should push this lighting button to return the board to the kitchen, or else the next waiting customers won't get their food forever.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
You can put your empty dishes into this hole.
Every 5 dishes, lottery starts on the touch panel.
Before you look over the touch panel menu and order, you need to choose ON or OFF for the lottery.
If you are a group and want to pay the bill separately, you shouldn't put the dishes in it before check respective bill.
Each person have to keep the empty dishes yourself on the table.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
After calculating by staff, your group can put the dishes into the hole to start the lottery.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
If you are lucky, you will get a capsule from this machine.
Sushi Restaurant - KURASUSHI くら寿司
I got this as a prize.

Another reasonable sushi restaurant in downtown Tokyo

All 160 Yen Sushi at a Conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant OOEDO 大江戸 in Shinjuku 新宿 and Okachimachi 御徒町 Tokyo - 回転寿司
There is a 160-yen sushi restaurant where you can buy everything for 160 yen including tax.160 yen foods usually have two pieces of sushi on a dish, but high quality sushi foods have one piece of sushi on a dish. They are still inexpensive.