Kitasenju 北千住


Sushi Go Round KAISEN MISAKIKO 回転寿司 海鮮三崎港 Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo

Kaisen Misakiko 海鮮三崎港 is a sushi restaurant chain in Japan.Their sushi prices are 110, 190, 260, 300, 390, 490 or 590 yen per 1 dish. (not including 10% tax)

HottoMotto ほっともっと is a takeout food shop chain in Japan. Get a rice bowl DELUXE TOKU DON デラックス得丼

They have more than 2700 shops across Japan, and their business model is that they don't provide a place to dine in the shop, strictly takeout.

A cafe and bar chain PRONTO in Japan offers tasty octopus carpaccio, deep fried burdock root sticks. プロント・タコのカルパッチョ・ごぼうの唐揚げ

Octopus dishes are popular in Japan. Are you interested in eating fresh octopus?

A beef bowl chain SUKIYA offers reasonable lunch set meals all over Japan. - すき家 牛丼 Gyudon

I recommend すき家 Sukiya's "Kimchi Beef Bowl" and "Lunch Menu".

Fresh Tuna Bowl at a Seafood Restaurant ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産 - まぐろ丼・海鮮丼

They specializes in grilled seafood, and also offer good many kinds of seafood bowls.When you want to have a break during your trip in day time, this restaurant is good place to rest instead of staying expensive cafes.

Vegetable Ramen at a Restaurant FUKUSHIN 福しん in Tokyo

FUKUSHIN 福しん is inexpensive Chinese restaurant.I often used to go there when I was tired after a busy day in my twenties. After many years, I made an impromptu visit back because I wanted to reminisce by eating this restaurant's tasty food.

Grilled Pork Organ Meat / Chicken on a Skewer and Oden (Japanese Boiled Cuisine) of an Izalaya Bar KABURAYA かぶら屋 in Tokyo やきとん おでん 串揚げ

Izakaya bar nameKABURAYA かぶら屋SpecialtyThey specializes in grilled pork organ meat, and Oden which is Japanese traditional boiled cuisine. These foods are tasty but I highly recommend another item. That is ...

Unadon (Eel Bowl) Restaurant UNATOTO うな丼 宇奈とと

Specialty UNATOTO 宇奈とと is a restaurant chain that specializes in Unadon うな丼. It is an eel bowl (Unagi bowl).In Japan, we call eel Unagi. Unagi is usually expensive, nutritious fish, and of rare value in Japan, but UNATOTO is the most reasonable restaurant...

Delicious Liver Meat Dish in Tokyo: Sauteed Pork or Chicken Liver and Chive ニラレバ定食 (レバニラ)

If you like eating liver meat I highly recommend 2 restaurants below in Tokyo. They offer great food!

What do you want to buy as souvenirs when you leave Japan? How about Socks, Kimono, Replica Food?

I often heard that many tourists from foreign countries bought Japanese colorful socks, low priced kimono and replica food.

Popular Sashimi Restaurants in Tokyo - YONPACHIGYOJOU 四十八漁場, KAPPOU SAITOU 割烹さいとう

I often go to seafood restaurants in Tokyo. I will introduce two recommended restaurants below.

Secondhand Anime Figures and Video Games Stores for Geeks in Tokyo 中古フィギュア・テレビゲーム

Are you looking for rare figures and retro video games?Check out recommended stores below.

A Japanese Hot Pot Dish SHABU-SHABU at a restaurant ON-YASAI しゃぶしゃぶ 温野菜 - All-You-Can-Eat

This restaurant specializes in all-you-can-eat Shabu-shabu しゃぶしゃぶ. Itis a Japanese hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat, tofu and vegetables boiled in the soup stock and served yourself with dipping sauces.

Satisfactory 500 Yen Level Meals in Japan

I write about various topics on this blog. Now, I'll try another Satisfactory 500 Yen Level Meals in Japan in this blog.

Reasonable Ramen Restaurant HIDAKAYA 日高屋

I have often had food at a chain restaurant HIDAKAYA 日高屋.You can choose from a variety of reasonable foods such as ramen, gyoza (dumpling), and many kinds of fried foods.There are so many restaurants in and around Tokyo. Most of them are located close to ...

All-You-Can-Drink 100 Kinds of Plum Wine (梅酒 Umeshu) in Kitasenju 北千住 Tokyo - Puedo Bar プエドバル

Plum wine is called Umeshu 梅酒 in Japanese.

Low Priced Lunch and Happy Hour of Cafe Restaurant GUSTO カフェレストラン ガスト

When you want to take a break from sightseeing or shopping in Japan, you can rest at this restaurant for a while. It is not necessary to order food there if you order a drink.Cafe Restaurant GUSTO カフェレストラン ガスト has more than 1300 restaurants in Japan. ...

Deep-Fried Food on a Skewer at KUSHIKATSU TANAKA 串カツ田中 all over Japan 串揚げ

Deep-fried foodon a skewerA restaurant chain Kushikatu Tanaka 串カツ田中 which is good for non-smokers.

Tempura Restaurant Chain TENDON TENYA in Japan - 天丼てんや・天ぷら

TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや is a chain tempura restaurant, and offers a large variety of inexpensive tempura foods. Taste very good!Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with several pieces of tempura with a special sauce.

A beef bowl chain YOSHINOYA 吉野家 also offers pork bowl, curry rice and veggie meal 牛丼・豚丼・カレー・ベジ定食

This beef bowl chain has more than 1200 restaurants all over Japan. It could be easy for international tourists to find the restaurant, if you walk around downtown of big city like Tokyo 東京, Osaka 大阪 and so on.