Cafe&Bar MERMAID in Akihabara Tokyo - Enjoy Chatting with Very Attractive Maids and All You Can Drink! 飲み放題カフェ&バー・マーメイド 東京 秋葉原

Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)Sightseeing

This is a maid bar, where the female bartenders wear maid costume.

I have been to several maid cafes or maid bars in Tokyo.
To be honest, this place is the best maid cafe and bar in my life because all maids wear amazingly cute, lovely and attractive costume and offer friendly conversation service, and all-you-can-drink a few kinds of alcoholic drinks.


They just tweeted a special promotion. I'm not sure when this promotion will be over, because they didn't say when it will end on the tweet.

3 kinds of promotions are available, but I recommend one of them. That is...

TRANSLATION about 【フリー2000円時間無制限飲み放題】
You can use this promotion under the following conditions.

Follow the bar's Twitter.
Retweet the post of this promotion, and show a staff member. (You need to connect the Internet online with your smartphone (Japanese SIM card or international roaming service).
When you use this promotion, you can't choose your favorite bartender (maid) as a conversation partner. It depends on the bar's management.

Admission to the bar is 2000 yen. You can enjoy all-you-can-drink until the bar's closing time or your last train. (2000 yen is not every 40 minutes. Only once!)
You must purchase at least one food or drink item worth 500 yen (or more higher price one) every 40 minutes. You can order for yourself or treat the bartender, either one is fine. The bartender will ask you every 40 minutes what you would like to order.

A 10% service fee and a 10% tax will be charged on top of the total bill.
You don't need to care about their usual price SYSTEM described below.

Photos of maids

Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)

I highly recommend this bar for guys!
You must be happy and excited to see and talk with them!
It is affordable prices and worth trying!
Don't miss this bar when you traveling in Tokyo, if you are interested in Japanese maid cafes!

Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)

If you don't speak Japanese, don't worry too much, probably the maids will try their best to communicate in English. Even though, they can't speak fluently.

Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)

Don't hesitate to gaze at the attractive maids. Doing this is not lack of manners at this type of bars.

Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)
Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)

The Latest Maid Members

Cafe & Bar Mermaid | メイドのご紹介 | カフェ&バー「マーメイド」


Cafe & Bar Mermaid (in Akihabara Tokyo) コンセプトカフェ&バー・マーメイド (東京 秋葉原)

There are a bar counter and some table seats.

Website (in Japanese)
There are 2 similar websites. I think the first one is their main website. (The second one is not updated. Old information)

Cafe & Bar Mermaid | カフェ&バー「マーメイド」
mermaid | 新感覚のCafe&Bar
ようこそ!ざっぶーん!ここは海の中のメイドカフェ&バー ご来店される王子様方がキュートでセクシーなマーメイドちゃんたちに癒され、陸のセカイでの活力になればと願い、この度新規オープンさせて頂きました

Business hours
4:00 pm - (Irregular closing time)
Open Every Day


This bar offers all-you-drink which includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and their simple system is below. (Food and special drinks are optional.)

  • The base cost is 3000 yen for 40 minutes.
    (It includes a cup of finger food such as cracker and so on.)

  • Every 40 minutes, your allotted time with the maids is automatically extended (without notice) and an additional 3000 yen charge is added to your bill.

  • There is also 10% service fee and 10% tax.
    (No cover charge. It is included in total cost.)

If you're worried about this automatic extension, you can choose a preset amount of time for how long you want to stay with the maid when you enter the bar. This way, the maid can remind you when your allotted time is almost up.

At the entrance, you can say or point the sentence on your smartphone to the staff.

  • Only 40 minutes
    At least 3700 yen + Option

  • Only one hour and 20 minutes
    At least 7300 yen + Option

  • If you want to extend for 40 minutes more,
    you say "More 40 minutes please".

When I went there in November 2019, I was going to end it at only 40 minutes to save money.

I asked the staff if they could remind me when my time was almost up. Actually, this request is available upon ordering.

To be honest.
When my 40 minutes was up, the maid reminded me but I couldn't end it because the conversation with friendly maids who wears attractive costume was exciting and I wanted to chat with them more.

Eventually, I had extended the time a few times.
I had a really great time, and get drunk!

All-You-Can-Drink Menu


  • Beer 生
  • Shochu 焼酎
    (On the rocks / Mixed with water or soda.)
  • Whiskey ウイスキー
    (On the rocks / Mixed with water or soda.)


  • Green Tea 緑茶
  • Oolong Tea ウーロン茶
  • Orange オレンジ
  • Grapefruit グレープフルーツ
  • Acerola アセロラ
  • Coffee コーヒー
  • Calpico カルピス
  • Coke コーラ
  • Ginger Ale ジンジャエール 
  • Straight Tea ストレートティー
  • Lemon Tea レモンティー
  • Jasmine Tea ジャスミンティー


  • Pickled Plum 梅干し 100 yen
  • Cut Lemon カットレモン 100 yen
    (These plum and lemon are good toppings for drinking shochu.)
  • Grilled Rice Ball 焼きおにぎり 500 yen
  • Karpas カルパス 500 yen
  • Pocky ポッキー 500 yen
  • Green Soybeans (Edamame) 枝豆 500 yen
  • Korean Dried Seaweed (Nori) 韓国のり 500 yen
  • Omelette Stuffed with Rice (Omu-rice) オムライス 1000 yen
  • Carbonara カルボナーラ 1000 yen


You can buy your favorite maid a special drink as an incentive for the maid. It is charged on your bill.
However, buying a drink is not necessary, it simply makes her happy. Then you will be happy, too.

  • Non-alcoholic drink 500 yen
    (There is no special service.)

  • Alcoholic drink 1000 yen
    Get special service!
    When you buy this 1000 yen drink you can put a bill into her cleavage or maid costume, which is exciting for men.
    (When you are doing this, you shouldn't touch!)

  • Shot 1500 yen
    Get special service!
    Casino chip kiss. It is not real kiss.
    It is difficult for me to explain in English. When you tried it please tell me the sentence about it. You can leave a comment on the bottom of this blog or send me message by Facebook or twitter.

I should have bought a maid a-1000-yen drink.
Next time, I'm going to try it.


  • Smoking is accepted.
  • Do not touch maids!
  • There is no English menu. (Look over this blog before going.)
  • I have hard that a male staff can speak English.
  • Maybe some maids can speak English a little. (It depends on their schedules.) 
  • Photography and video recording of the maids are prohibited.
    Instead, you can purchase a Polaroid / instax (チェキ Cheki) with you and your favorite maid together for 1000 yen.


Live TwitCasting is often available in the evening. (in Japanese)

Cafe&Bar Mermaid(@mermaid_bar)さん | Twitter
Cafe&Bar Mermaid (@mermaid_bar)さんの最新ツイート 【新規OPEN】お帰りなさいませ王子様💟一度行けば病みつきになること間違いなしの新感覚メイドカフェ&バー 🧜‍♀️アルバイト大募集中🧸 時給1500円〜+歩合で可愛く楽しく稼いじゃおう! 東京都千代田区外神田4-6-10 ワンサードレジデ...

In the early business hours around 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, there are some maids and only a few to no customers. Later, some more maids start working.

If the bar is quiet, the bartenders often make Live TwitCasting to introduce the bar and the maids.
You can see their pretty faces and chat online.
If you log into TwitCasting, you can also send messages to them through text chat. (They sometimes answer for your messages through voice instead of text chat.)
Although, when the bar gets busy with customers, the Live TwitCasting is closed.

After watching their TwitCasting, you might get an urge to meet and talk with such cute maids.

If you are interested in this bar, I first recommend watching their TwitCasting.
Then, if you like it, let's go to the bar to meet your favorite maid!


You should bring cash.

Credit card is accepted, but there is a 10% credit card fee at this bar.

Most places in Japan don't charge for credit cards, but this is a luxury bar, and they often do. The percent depends on the bar. I've seen it anywhere between 5 and 10%.

CALCULATION about 10% service fee and 10% tax
Here is what one bill would may look like:

80 minutes (40 + 40 minutes):

3000 + 3000 = 6000
6000 x 1.1 = 6600
6600 x 1.1 = 7260

It rounds to the nearest 100 yen above.
In total, it costs 7300 yen.

You might think 10% + 10% = 20%, then calculate as below.

3000 + 3000 = 6000
6000 x 1.2 = 7200

Yet this bar does not use the calculation above. However, some other bars use this in the latter case.

Cafe & Bar Mermaid is on the 3rd floor in the building.

I will definitely come back to this bar soon!

【カマたく&響 小林】話題の"コンカフェ"に潜入!秋葉原

Prices and information are as of February 2020.
These photos are officially given by Cafe & Bar Mermaid for this blog.


Actually this place is not typical maid cafes. This place is a type of a bar called girl's bar in Japan. Please look over this information below.

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