My Favorite Rice Crackers: REKKA-WASABI 烈火わさび, HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン

Rekka-wasabi 烈火わさびFood

I recommend you try 2 types of Japanese popular cheap and unique snacks.



Try this wasabi snack when you visit Japan!
It is dangerously super hot wasabi flavor!

Rekka-wasabi 烈火わさび

This product is called REKKA-WASABI 烈火わさび (Price: about 180 yen), and it is a type of Japanese Okaki おかき snack, which are finger foods that are usually made from sticky rice that is baked or deep-fried.

The specialty of this snack is dangerously super hot wasabi flavor!
Usually, wasabi snacks don't really have strong flavor, but this strong wasabi flavor will kick your nose, however it surely is quite addictive. This is the best choice if you love wasabi.
It is a great souvenir and you can use it to prank or punish others.

Rekka-wasabi 烈火わさび

The manufacture is a small scale company, thus, it is quite difficult to find it at stores - general supermarkets and convenience stores.

Fortunately, I did manage to find it at a shop specializing in snacks around Ueno 上野 area of Tokyo.
Check out this shop below. Grab them before they are out of stock!

Nikinokashi 二木の菓子

Shop name

Brunch name of NIKINOKASHI
Dai-ichi-eigyosho 第一営業所

* There are two branches in the same area. Please check the branch name on the building before you enter the shop.
The other branch is Bickan ビック館 , but they don't have the snack.

Websites (in Japanese)
二木の菓子 | かつては初代林家三平師匠のCM『ニキ、ニキ、ニキ、ニキ、二木の菓子!』でおなじみ!!


This is addictive rice crackers.

Classic Type HAPPYTURN


This is called HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン, and a popular Japanese snack which is a kind of rice cracker. It is really good taste.

I think that once you start eating them you won't be able to stop eating until you finish the package which holds about 30 crackers. (120g)


They are sprinkled with special powder which tastes sweet, salty, sour and has some other good flavors.


The taste of the powder is so enjoyable you just keep eating.
You can get HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン at many supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan. It costs about 180 yen.
While traveling in Japan, you should try eating them.

250% Powder HAPPYTURN

This is small package (53g).

HAPPYTURN パウダー250%ハッピーターン

There are 250% of the powder in it.

HAPPYTURN パウダー250%ハッピーターン

I prefer 250% one to classic one, but only some of the convenient stores in Japan sell this 250% Powder HAPPYTURN.

Wasabi Mayonnaise HAPPYTURN

期間限定 This is seasonal HAPPYTURN. It has 85g.

HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン ツンまろわさびマヨ味

It has wasabi (horseradish) and mayonnaise flavors.

HAPPYTURN ハッピーターン ツンまろわさびマヨ味


Website (in Japanese)


A Japanese confectionery

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