Cutlass Fish Sashimi in Kochi, Japan

This restaurant rarely offers a whole, fresh cutlass fish for sashimi.

Cutting Performance of Really Large Size Tuna at a Fish Supermarket SAKANAYA-SHUN in Tokyo

This place is not a restaurant or a sightseeing place. It is a supermarket, and they completely specialize in selling many kinds of seafood in a large space. The space is much larger than the seafood section in general large supermarkets in Japan.

Fresh Seafood Restaurant RYOMA in Kochi Japan 高知 魚料理屋 活魚 漁ま

I think the best seafood restaurant in Kochi Japan is RYOMA.

A sushi chain SUSHIRO スシロー in Japan

Don't miss special dishes!

Conveyor Belt Sushi KAPPASUSHI in Japan かっぱ寿司

Kappasushi is one of the largest scale sushi chains in Japan. They have more than 300 locations across Japan. Most sushi items cost 100 or 180 or 280 yen.

100 or 150 yen Conveyor-belt Sushi Chain HAMASUSHI (HAMAZUSHI) はま寿司 in Japan

I recommend 2 seasonal items. "Cod Milt Sushi" and "Unsweetened Egg Custard with Matsutake Mushroom" are delicious.

Tasty Mackerel Dishes at Izakaya GOTTSURI in Minamisenju Tokyo【ごっつり】東京 南千住 鯖がおいしい居酒屋

When you're in Tokyo, check out this restaurant that specializes in mackerel dishes, such as sashimi, sushi, grilled mackerel and many more.

Tasty Japanese Food at a Staindig Bar/Izakaya KAMIYA in Umejima Tokyo 東京 梅島 【立ち呑み かみや】居酒屋 和食

I highly recommend that you try their daily specials, such as sashimi, grilled, simmered, deep-fried foods and so on. They are delicious and cost around 100 - 400 yen.

Simmered Mackerel in Miso at a Japanese Restaurant WARAJIYA わらじ家 in Ginza 銀座 Tokyo さばみそに・鯖味噌煮

One of the popular homemade dishes in Japan is SABA-MISO (Simmered Mackerel in Miso). When you go to popular shopping area Ginza 銀座 in Tokyo, try it out!

Squid Rice IKAMESHI いかめし・イカ飯

IKAMESHI is a delicious dish made with squid and rice that is local to Hokkaido 北海道, Japan. (Northern Japan) It is a simmered food seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, Japanese style broth and so on.

Oyster Lunch at an Izakaya Restaurant TOBIUME 飛梅 in Tokyo Japan かき小屋・ランチ

This restaurant specializes in fresh oysters, grown in Miyagi 宮城, Japan, an oyster-producing district. They offer low-priced and tasty set meals at lunch time.

Sushi Go Round KAISEN MISAKIKO 回転寿司 海鮮三崎港 Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo

Kaisen Misakiko 海鮮三崎港 is a sushi restaurant chain in Japan.Their sushi prices are 120, 210, 290, 330, 430, 540 or 650 yen per 1 dish. (including 10% tax)

Salmon Roe Bowl Costs Only 500 yen at a Seafood Shop UOKUSA in Ueno Tokyo 東京 上野 魚草のいくら丼 500円

I will definitely repeat this standing bar. Oyster and crab are also inexpensive.

Japanese Food Culture: WHALE MEAT Dishes at a Restaurant KUJIRASHOKUDOU 鯨食堂 in Saitama next to Tokyo くじら料理

Are you interested in eating whale meat such as steak, sushi, sashimi (raw) and deep fried whale?This restaurant is permanently closed.

A cafe bar chain PRONTO in Japan offers tasty deep fried burdock root sticks. プロント

Octopus dishes are popular in Japan. Are you interested in eating fresh octopus?

Fresh Tuna Bowl at a Seafood Restaurant ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産 - まぐろ丼・海鮮丼

They specializes in grilled seafood, and also offer good many kinds of seafood bowls.When you want to have a break during your trip in day time, this restaurant is good place to rest instead of staying expensive cafes.

All 160 Yen Sushi at a Conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant OOEDO 大江戸 in Shinjuku 新宿 and Okachimachi 御徒町 Tokyo - 回転寿司

There is a 160-yen sushi restaurant where you can buy everything for 160 yen including tax.160 yen foods usually have two pieces of sushi on a dish, but high quality sushi foods have one piece of sushi on a dish. They are still inexpensive.

Sea Cucumber is Common Food at Sushi Restaurant and Izakaya (Japanese Style Bar) in Japan なまこ

Sea cucumber is called Namako なまこ / ナマコ in Japanese.Thinly sliced fresh (raw) sea cucumber is used for a kind of Japanese vinegared food. It is usually served with ponzu sauce (citrus-flavored soy sauce).

The Best Tuna Sashimi and Cutting Performance at a Restaurant MAGURO-SHOUTEN in Shinjuku Tokyo まぐろ商店 新宿 鮪刺身 解体ショー

Enjoy watching a tuna cutting performance and eating fresh tuna!

Standing Izakaya Bar NEW KAYABA in Tokyo 立ち飲み 焼鳥 居酒屋 ニューカヤバ

This place is an amusument style bar for adults. You can grill chicken on a skewer yourself. It's fun!

My Best Mackerel Sushi is "Mackerel with Leaf Mustard Sushi さば高菜巻 Saba-takana-maki". 鯖寿司・サバ鮨

I will rank the different kinds of mackerel sushi you can inexpensively get in and around Tokyo. This mackerel is usually marinated in vinegar, and tasty.

Deep fried moray eel is tasty. Try it out! ウツボから揚げ 高知

Moray eel food is a local food in Kochi 高知 Japan. It is unique in texture and little chewy. I sometimes eat it because it's tasty.

All-You-Can-Eat MENTAIKO (Cod Roe) at a Restaurant SACHIFUKUYA さち福や in Saitama and Tokyo - 明太子 食べ放題

Do you like seasoned cod roe?It is called Mentaiko 明太子 in Japanese.When you want to eat a lot of Mentaiko you should go to the restaurant.

Firefly Squid ホタルイカ at Japanese Restaurants / Bars

Firefly squid is a common food at Japanese eating places such as Japanese sushi / restaurants / bars (called IZAKAYA). It is known as the sparking squid in the ocean.I sometimes eat it. It is called ホタルイカ(ほたるいか)Hotaruika in Japanese.

NABE (Japanese style hot pod or stew) Festival in Hibiya 日比谷 Tokyo - ご当地鍋フェスティバル

This event is held once a year in Tokyo.More than 20 different kinds of Nabe (hot pod) from all over Japan are available during the festival.You can also enjoy other various foods such as barbecue, deep fried food, sake, beer and much more.

Popular Sashimi Restaurants in Tokyo - YONPACHIGYOJOU 四十八漁場, KAPPOU SAITOU 割烹さいとう

I often go to seafood restaurants in Tokyo. I will introduce two recommended restaurants below.

Do you know what Japanese sashimi is? Horse, Whale, Chicken Vegetables Sashimi

These days, sashimi is a Japanese food that is becoming more popular around the world, and it is usually comprised of thinly-sliced raw seafood. Actually, sashimi is not always made with raw seafood.This blog post will introduce some other types of sa...

Grilled Semi-dried Fish is a Japanese Traditional Food - 3 Recommended Restaurants in Tokyo ひもの屋、越後屋八十吉、居酒屋八丈島

Sakana-no-himono 魚の干物 is semi-dried fish that is a traditional Japanese food. Grilled himono ひものis popular in Japan. We often put a bit of soy sauce on it.I introduce 3 restaurants that offer himono in Tokyo.

Resort Hotel UMIBENO-KAJUEN 海辺の果樹園 in Kochi 高知 Prefecture

It like a tropical resort. The Pacific Ocean view is great from this hotel!If I ever have a girl friend, I wish we would have a wedding at this resort hotel in spring or summer.

Eat the Moving Squid Arms at a Bar Restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター in Tokyo - Calamari 烏賊

A Japanese bar restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター specializes in fresh squid sashimi. (Squid is called IKAin Japanese.)Some squids are kept alive in the fish tank of the restaurant.Immediately after the customer orders, it is sliced as sashimi.I have been t...

The Best Whitebait Bowl is in Kochi 高知 Prefecture (Chirimen-don ちりめん丼 / Shirasu-don しらす丼 / Dorome どろめ)

Chirimen-don 620 yen (including tax)ちりめん丼with half boiled egg 720 yen(It is Yuzu citron flavor egg.) This set meal of Whitebait (Baby sardine) Bowl is only 620 yen. Super low price and delicious!

110 or 220 Yen Conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant (Sushi Go Round) KURA くら (KURASUSHI/ KURAZUSHI くら寿司) in Downtown Tokyo and all over Japan

One of my favorite conveyor-belt sushi restaurant chains is KURA くら (also called KURASUSHI / KURAZUSHI くら寿司). I usually go there every second month.

An Elegant Wild Animal in Japan

I saw a strange wild animal from far away. What is that?

Standing Bar BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 in Tokyo - Izakaya 居酒屋・Reasonable Japanese Food

Standing Bar BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 in TokyoThis bar is still unknown spot for international tourists.BANPAIYA 晩杯屋 is really popular with local people.Most of the dishes cost between 130 and 310 yen. Only a few kinds of dishes are 490 yen.

Tempura Restaurant Chain TENDON TENYA in Japan - 天丼てんや・天ぷら

TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや is a chain tempura restaurant, and offers a large variety of inexpensive tempura foods. Taste very good!Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with several pieces of tempura with a special sauce.

Non-smoking restaurants and bars in Japan 禁煙の飲食店

This post introduces non-smoking restaurants in (mainly downtown Tokyo) Japan to non-smokers.Most of the restaurants and bars in Japan accept smoking inside during eating or drinking.Some places have both smoking and non-smoking rooms but in most case...

Discover Small Aliens in Japan

The aliens were caught and preserved by canning in Japan.Why don't you get the can?

Fishing Restaurant ZAUO ざうお within a Building - Sashimi, Seafood さしみ・海鮮料理

Don't worry about sinking this ship and seasickness.Youcan catch the fish yourself, and eat really fresh seafood on the ship in this building.Enjoy fishing and eating sashimi!