Breakfast On A Budget - A Pork Cutlet Restaurant TONKATSU MATSUNOYA in Japan - とんかつ 松乃屋・松のや

Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu MatsunoyaFood

With more than 200 locations across Japan, Tonkatsu Matsunoya is one of the largest Tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) chains in the country.
This shop specializes in Low priced Tonkatsu and also offers, Karaage (deep fried chicken) and curry rice.

Inexpensive Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu is cheaper than the main menu during the afternoon and nighttime.
Matsunoya offers Breakfast Specials starting at the ¥290 to ¥500 between 5:00 am until 11:00 am every day. However, note that the Tonkatsu set meals of the Breakfast Special are a smaller portion compared to the main menu items. However, some of their restaurants offer breakfast during different time periods.

Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya

Pork Loin Cutlet 70g 400 yen
得朝ロースかつ定食70g Tokuasa-rosukatsu-teishoku

This set meal includes small deep-fried breaded pork cutlet (70g, 2.47oz), rice, miso soup and salad.

When I went there I put free pickles on the rice, but unfortunately they stopped serving this.

Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya
Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya

Check out the section 朝定食 on the menu below. It is the breakfast menu, and 4 kinds of cheap set meals are available.

メニュー | 松のや | 松屋フーズ
松のや、メニュー 一覧ページです。

Main Menu

Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya

Pork Loin Cutlet topped with Grated Radish 650 yen
おろしロースかつ定食 Oroshi-rosukatsu-teishoku

This set meal includes deep-fried breaded pork cutlet topped with grated Japanese daikon radish, rice, ponzu soy sauce, miso soup and salad.

Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya
Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya

This restaurant's pork is not fatty. I like more fatty one though.

Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya
  • Carrot Dressing 人参ドレッシング
    (Shake well before using よく振ってお使いください)
  • Tonkatsu Sauce 中濃ソース
  • Original Sauce 特製ソース
  • Citrus Sudachi Dressing すだちドレッシング
    (Sudashi tastes like lime.)
  • Soy Sauce しょうゆ
  • Mixed Chili Pepper 七味
  • Mustard からし


Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya

Restaurant name

Website (in Japanese)

松のや | 松屋フーズ
  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • 10% consumption tax is included in the prices.
  • English picture menu is available on the meal ticketing machine.
  • No smoking
  • Water and green tea are free of charge and self-service.
  • All of the set meals include rice and miso soup. (Dine-in Only)
Pork Cutlet - とんかつ 松乃屋 (松のや) Tonkatsu Matsunoya

I introduce some restaurants around popular sightseeing places in downtown Tokyo 東京 and Yokohama 横浜.
Check out Google Maps below!

Ikebukuro 池袋
Open until 2:30am, 24 hours on Friday
* Self-service

Shinjuku 新宿
Open 24 hours

Shinbashi 新橋
Open 24 hours

Nakano 中野

Yokohama 横浜
Open 24 hours
* Near Yokohama Station in Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture

Photos were taken in Soka 草加 Branch. Prices and information are as of October 2019.

When you're travelling on a budget and want to save money this pork cutlet restaurant MATSUNOYA is perfect for you.

To be honest, their pork cutlet is very affordable and tastes pretty average but the rice wasn't my favorite taste.

If you can afford to pay double the price, I would recommend a better restaurant that serves pork cutlet that tastes way much more delicious. You also get good value for your money as they offer free refills of rice, soup and cabbage.
Check out another restaurant WAKO 和幸 below.

Deep-Fried Breaded Pork Cutlet TONKATSU / Ham Cutlet HAMUKATSU トンカツ, ハムカツ
I will introduce 2 types of deep-fried breaded cutlets. These are pork cutlet TONKATSU and ham cutlet HAMUKATSU.