Fresh Tuna Bowl at a Seafood Restaurant ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産 - まぐろ丼・海鮮丼

2 kinds of tuna in a bowl まぐろ2色丼 - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産Food

They specializes in grilled seafood, and also offer good many kinds of seafood bowls.
When you want to have a break during your trip in day time, this restaurant is good place to rest instead of staying expensive cafes.

Lunch Menu

2 kinds of tuna in a bowl まぐろ2色丼 - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産

2 Kinds of Tuna in a Bowl

590 yen at lunch time (maybe until 2:00 pm?)
* 695 yen at dinner time

2 kinds of tuna in a bowl まぐろ2色丼 - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産
2 kinds of tuna in a bowl まぐろ2色丼 - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産
2 kinds of tuna in a bowl まぐろ2色丼 - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産

I put mixed wasabi and soy sauce on it.

まぐろ Tuna Bowl Menu 鮪丼メニュー - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産

Lunch picture menu (in Japanese)

Yuzu Citron and Honey Sour 柚子はちみつサワー - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産

Yuzu Citron and Honey Sour 250 yen
柚子はちみつサワー Yuzu-hachimitsu-sour

Lunch Beverage Menu - ISOMARU SUISAN 磯丸水産

Lunch menu
All of the alcoholic beverages cost 250 yen except beer of the lunch menu.

  • チューハイ
  • レモンサワー
    Lemon Sour
  • 三ヶ日みかんサワー
    Orange Sour
  • 柚子はちみつサワー
    Yuzu Citron and Honey Sour
  • 山ぶどうサワー
    Grapefruit Sour
  • シークヮーサーサワー
    Shikuwasa Citron Sour
  • 梅酒サワー
    Plum Wine Sour
  • ウーロン茶割り
    Oolong Tea and Shochu
  • 緑茶割り
    Green Tea and Shochu
  • 生ビール
    Draft Beer * 280 yen
  • ハイボール1丁目(ストレート)
    Highball (Whisky and Soda )
  • ハイボール2丁目(柚子はち)
    Highball (Whisky soda, Yuzu Citron and Honey)
  • ハイボール3丁目(山ぶどう)
    Highball (Whiskey soda and Grapefruit)
  • 芋焼酎 薩摩白波 黒麹仕込み
    Potato Shochu

Dinner Menu

Please look over グランドメニュー (Dinner Menu) on the website below.


They offer high quality sake SUIGEI 酔鯨.
Check out another blog below.

Field Trip to a Sake Brewery SUIGEI in Kochi Pref. 高知の「酔鯨」で酒蔵見学
SUIGEI built new sake brewery TOSA-KURA 土佐蔵 in Tosa City 土佐市 Kochi Prefecture 高知県. This brewery looks like a modern factory.I attended their field trip.



Restaurant name

Website (in Japanese)

  • 10% tax is not included in the prices.
  • At dinner time, cover charge with a small side dish is 399 yen per person.
  • At lunch time, when you order food or beverage from lunch menu, there is no cover charge.
    You can also choose from the dinner menu at lunch time but if you order something grilled items from the dinner menu at lunch the cover charge with a small side dish is 299 yen (it's 100 yen cheaper than dinner time).
    However at lunch time I've heard from waiters that you can refuse this when you do your first order if you don't want to pay for the side dish. Even if you order something grilled items.
    Say (When you order some dinner menu at lunch time.)
    Can I order foods without cover charge?

    Otooshi cut-de-onegaishinmasu
  • Smoking is allowed. Unknown
  • Picture food menu is available.

I introduce some restaurants around popular sightseeing places in downtown Tokyo.
Check out Google Maps below!


Ikebukuro 池袋

Shinjuku 新宿

Shibuya 渋谷

Ebisu 恵比寿

Shinbashi 新橋

Ginza 銀座

Akihabara 秋葉原

Asakusa 浅草

Kitasenju 北千住

Photos were taken in October 2019. Prices and information are as of October 2019.

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