Yokohama 横浜


Breakfast On A Budget - A Pork Cutlet Restaurant TONKATSU MATSUNOYA in Japan - とんかつ 松乃屋・松のや

With more than 200 locations across Japan, Tonkatsu Matsunoya is one of the largest Tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) chains in the country.This shop specializes in Low priced Tonkatsu and also offers, Karaage (deep fried chicken) and curry rice. ...

Field Trip to Kirin Beer Brewery in Yokohama City Kanagawa Prefecture (next to Tokyo) キリンビール横浜工場見学

However, I have ever been to a variety of food and drink factories in Japan and some countries, Kirin Beer Brewery in Yokohama is one of the most gorgeous and golden factories!

KIRIN ICHIBAN FROZEN BEER is instragrammable in Japan キリン一番搾りフローズン・インスタ映え

This is draft beer topped with somethingfrozen. It looks like ice cream, but it is not soft serve ice cream or normalfroth.Actually, it is icy froth which is also made of beer.

Japanese Craft Beer in Tokyo - Recommended Event and Bar Restaurants are BeerFes, Vector Beer, Popeye

Are you looking for Japanese craft beer in Tokyo?I know good bars and an event in downtown Tokyo.

Eat the Moving Squid Arms at a Bar Restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター in Tokyo - Calamari 烏賊

A Japanese bar restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター specializes in fresh squid sashimi. (Squid is called IKAin Japanese.)Some squids are kept alive in the fish tank of the restaurant.Immediately after the customer orders, it is sliced as sashimi.I have been t...

Japanese Style Barbecue at 焼肉 安楽亭 Yakiniku ANRAKUTEI - Kuroge (Black) Wagyu Beef 黒毛和牛

They offer many kinds of reasonable beef and some kinds of pork and chicken. The best choice is Kuroge (Black) wagyu beef.