Fishing Restaurant within a Building

ZAUO ざうお
Don't worry about sinking this ship and seasickness.
You can catch the fish yourself, and eat really fresh seafood on the ship in this building.
Enjoy fishing and eating sashimi!

ZAUO ざうお
Let's start fishing!
ZAUO ざうお
It's fun!
ZAUO ざうお
When you catch a fish, you can order how to cook it such as grilled, boiled, sushi, deep-fried or sashimi.
ZAUO ざうお
I had one half of sea bream grilled and the other half sashimi.
ZAUO ざうお
Really fresh sashimi

Restaurant name
ZAUO ざうお

English picture menu is available.

Will you go sightseeing in central Tokyo?
If so, these branches are good for you.
Shibuya 渋谷
Shinjuku 新宿
Kameido Ekimae 亀戸駅前
Meguro 目黒
Check out Kanto region.

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