Tempura Restaurant Chain TENDON TENYA in Japan - 天丼てんや・天ぷら

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや Food
天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや is a chain tempura restaurant, and offers a large variety of inexpensive tempura foods. Taste very good!
Tendon is a bowl of rice topped with several pieces of tempura with a special sauce.

Immediately after you order food, they start frying your tempura. So, you can always eat hot and crispy tempura here.

Tempura Bowl

There are several types of tempura bowls and seasonal foods at TENYA. You can find your favorite ingredients, so please check the menu.

Excellent Tendon 上天丼

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Excellent Tendon 上天丼 Jou-tendon 690650 yen
There are prawn (2 pieces), lotus root, pumpkin, okra green beans on rice. Their tempura bowl includes miso soup.

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

I highly recommend you go there on the 18th, because every 18th day of the month, they offer discount on this item below.

This discount was over.

Excellent Tendon 上天丼 Jou-tendon
690 yen → 500 yen.

* Some of their restaurants in Haneda 羽田 Airport, Asakusa 浅草 and TOKYO SKYTREE 東京スカイツリー areas don't offer this special sale.

Excellent Tempura and Soba (or Udon) 上天ぷらそばうどん) Jou-tempura-soba
* This set meal have no rice.
870 yen → 
680 yen

However, the other dishes and beverages have no discount on the 18th.

Tendon 天丼

This tendon 天丼 is their standard tempura bowl and really cost effective. I think this is the best choice!

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Tendon 天丼 540500 yen
Tendon with small rice 天丼小盛 Tendon Komori 490 → 450 yen
Prawn, Squid, White-meat fish (or other kind of fish), Pumpkin, Green beans → Okra (1 piece)

When you order “Tendon with small rice”, you can say in English or “Tendon komori” in Japanese.

You shouldn't say “Small Tendon”, because “Small Tendon” is available as another food that its ingredients are not the same as Tendon.
Check out below.

Small Tendon 小天丼

Small Tendon (small rice) 子天丼 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや - Tempura 天ぷら
Small Tendon (small rice) 子天丼 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや - Tempura 天ぷら

Small Tendon 小天丼 Ko-tendon” consists of the ingredients such as small rice, prawn, maitake mushroom, pumpkin and green beans okura. It costs 480 yen.
The sale of this Small Tendon 小天丼 is ending.

Tempura Set Meal

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Tempura Set Meal 天ぷら定食 Tempura Teishoku
The price of tempura bowl that you order and 190 yen

You can change any tempura bowls to set meals if you pay 190 yen more.
At that time, the tempura and rice are served separately, and it includes spinach and tempura dipping sauce with grated ginger and radish. 

When you are ordering a set meal, please feel free to ask for a large serving of rice. (No extra charge) It is also free refills of rice if you order the set meal.

* This services are not available if you order a set meal with small rice or a set meal of Small Tendon 小天丼.

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

These ingredients are as same as standard Tendon 天丼. 540 500 + 190 yen
Prawn, Squid, White-meat fish, Pumpkin, Green beans → Okra (1 piece)

調味料 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Tendon sauce 天丼のたれ, Mixed chili peppers 七味唐がらし, Sea vegetable (seaweed) salt 藻塩

If you like more sauce of Tendon, you can add the same sauce, as it is available for free on the table.

Other Foods

お新香 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Radish pickles

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Seasonal pickles on the table is free of charge. It has nice flavors, and makes your mouth feel refreshed from the oily taste of Tendon.

Barley tea 麦茶 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

They offer barley tea 麦茶 for free.

This is cold barley tea.
We also offer hot barley tea. Please feel free to order.

Hot tea makes your mouth feel refreshed from the oily taste of tempura.

If there is no tea pot on your table and you would like to have a refill of the tea, you can say
Ocha kudasai お茶ください”.
It means “Can I have tea, please?”

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Mozzarella Cheese Tempura 220 yen

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

If you like cheese, you must try this mozzarella cheese tempura.

天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Scalp 130 yen
ほたて Hotate

When you order single items, dipping sauce will be served. Put the grated radish and ginger in it, if you like.

This dipping sauce is called Tentsuyu 天つゆ and different from the tendon sauce 天丼のたれ.

天つゆ - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや
天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

Maitake mushroom 110 yen
まいたけ Maitake
This is my favorite tempura because it has a unique and strong flavor. I like it.

Octopus たこブツ・Matsutake Mushroom 松茸 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや - Tempura 天ぷら
Octopus たこブツ - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや - Tempura 天ぷら

Octopus 100 yen
たこブツ Takobutsu
This is very small size about 3cm (1.18inch)

The sale of this Octopus たこブツ is ending.

Matsutake Mushroom 松茸 - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや - Tempura 天ぷら

Seasonal food
2 pieces of Matsutake Mushrooms 200 yen
松茸 2個 Matsutake
It is king of mushrooms! You should try!
1 dish has 2 pieces of mushrooms.
Unfortunately, these are not whole mushrooms. Thinly sliced one is served but you can enjoy its good flavor.

For vegetarian
Vegetable Tendon 560 yen
野菜天丼 Yasai Tendon
Maitake mashroom, Sweet potato, Lotus root, Eggplant, Pumpkin, Green beans
* TENYA's tempura is cooked in 100% vegetable oil.

I couldn't find if their tempura sauce and miso soup consist meat or fish on the website, but in most cases miso soup is made from dried‐bonito fish, miso and so on. I would assume their miso soup is the same as well.


Restaurant name


English Menu - TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや
  • English picture menu is available at the restaurant and on the website.
  • No cover charge / No service fee
  • No smoking
  • The prices include 10% tax.
天ぷら Tempura TENDON TENYA 天丼てんや

TENYA use 2 types of payment systems.

  • At most branches, you order at your table. You will pay at the cash desk after finishing your meal.
    * You can use 通常のクーポン Standard Coupon when you pay the bill.
  • At some branches, please use the meal ticket vending machine when you get in the restaurant.
    * You can use 販売機専用クーポン Coupon for the meal ticket vending machine. It is QR code coupon.

About 通常のクーポン Standard Coupon

If you can connect the Internet, maybe you can get a coupon of TENYA. The standard coupon is 50 yen off, but sometimes changed or not available though.

It is described in Japanese and English, please read the information before using it. When you go there, don't miss the coupon.

The restaurants accept display of the standard coupon on your smartphone. You can also show a hard copy of the coupon. 

You can't use it every 18th day of the month.


There is no coupon now.

There are about 200 TENYA restaurants in Japan. They are mainly located in and around the Tokyo area.

I introduce some restaurants around main stations in downtown Tokyo.
Check out Google Maps below!

Ueno 上野

Ikebukuro 池袋

Shinjuku 新宿

Shibuya 渋谷

Ebisu 恵比寿

Shinbashi 新橋

Ginza 銀座

Tokyo 東京

Akihabara 秋葉原

Asakusa 浅草

Kitasenju 北千住

Usually the price of Tendon at different Tendon restaurants are about 1,000 yen or more expensive, but Tendon of TENYA is around 540 yen, and the taste is almost the same as an expensive restaurant. You must become a regular customer of TENYA.

Prices and information are as of June 2020.

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