Japanese Bar Restaurant TORIKIZOKU 居酒屋 鳥貴族 - 焼き鳥 Grilled chicken on a skewer

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
A 298-yen bar restaurant chain TORIKIZOKU 鳥貴族 offers all food items and beverages for 298 yen. They use domestically produced chicken, vegetables and so on.
This chain has more than 600 branches in Japan. There are many branches in and around Tokyo 東京 and Osaka 大阪.

I will rank my favorite food. (including drink)

1st Momo Kizoku Yaki (Tare) もも貴族焼(たれ)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 もも貴族焼(たれ) Chicken Thigh
Grilled Chicken Thigh and White Leek (Barbecue Sauce)
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 もも貴族焼(たれ) Chicken Thigh

2nd Kinmugi (Large) 金麦(大)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 メガ金麦 (Beer ビール)
This jug is very large. Taste good with smooth and light flavor!
Kinmugi is alcoholic beverage tastes like beer.
(I am not sure if it is low-molt or molt-free beer.)
Torikizoku 鳥貴族

3rd Yakitori Don 焼とり丼

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken Bowl 焼とり丼
Chicken Bowl
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken Bowl 焼とり丼
Grilled Chicken Thigh on Rice
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken Bowl 焼とり丼

4th Mi-tare (Momo) みたれ(もも肉)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
Grilled Chicken Thigh - Barbecue Sauce
This is also my favorite one.

5th Seseri (Shio) せせり (塩)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 せせり
Grilled Chicken Neck (Salt)
Neck meat is a bit chewier than thigh. It is seasoned with garlic and salt.

6th Chicken Nanban チキン南蛮

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken Namban チキン南蛮
I think this is not typical chicken nanban.
Actually, this is deep-fried breaded chicken cutlet topped with tartar sauce, and it is put sweet vinegar sauce on it only a little bit, so the batter stays crispy.
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken Namban チキン南蛮
About typical chicken nanban:

Do you know Chicken Namban? チキン南蛮・チキンナンバン - Torishin 鳥心(高知)、Torisyo 鶏笑、Yayoiken やよい軒
Chicken Namban is deep-fried chicken that is then soake...

7th Oyadori Aburi Yaki (Shio Ponzu Taste) 親鶏炙り焼(塩ポン酢味)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
Grilled and Sliced Adult Chicken (Salt and Citrus-flavored Soy Sauce)
Adult chickens usually have tough meat, but it has a stronger / better taste than younger chicken meat.
This restaurant grills and thinly slices the meat to soften it, and then adds salt and citrus-flavored soy sauce instead of strong-tasting barbecue sauce. Good!

8th Tori Kamameshi とり釜飯

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
This dish has rice, a bit of chicken and other things. It is cooked in a small traditional pot. It will be served with a portable stove with a piece of solid fuel, while it's still boiling. It will take 30 minutes, do not open the lid during this process.
After the solid fuel runs out, then steam it for a few minutes and finally you can eat it.
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken

Since it takes a long time (30 min), I recommend you to order this first before other dishes.
Hot and fresh rice is tasty!

9th MEGA Highball メガハイボール

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 MEGA Highball メガハイボール
Whisky (Jim Beam) mixed with soda
Unfortunately, There is a lot of ice in the glass.

10th Yodare Dori よだれどり

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 よだれどり
Chicken with Spicy Sauce, Green Leak and Roasted Peanuts


Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Deep Fried Chickenトリキの唐揚
Toriki no Karaage トリキの唐揚
Deep Fried Chicken
I guess it is chicken breast.
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Deep Fried Chickenトリキの唐揚

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 牛
Gyu Kushi Yaki 牛串焼
Processed beef product (Deliciousness of Fruit and Garlic)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 ホルモンねぎ盛ポン酢
Horumon Negimori Ponzu ホルモンねぎ盛ポン酢
Chicken Organ Meat with Ponzu Sauce (ポン酢 Citrus-flavored soy sauce)

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 ふんわり山芋の鉄板焼
Funwari Yamaimo no Teppan Yaki ふんわり山芋の鉄板焼
Grated Japanese Yam Served with Hot Iron Plate
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 ふんわり山芋の鉄板焼

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 豚
Butabara Kushi Yaki 豚バラ串焼

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
Kimo-tare きも(レバー)
Chicken Liver - Barbecue Sauce

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 きも焼 塩ごま油添え
Kimo Yaki Served with Salty Sesame Oil きも焼 塩ごま油添え
Chicken Liver (Instead of the barbecue sauce, it is served with salty sesame oil, green leak and garlic.)
* It is seasonal food in spring and summer, 2019.
To be honest, I don't recommend this. Bad taste!

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
Sankaku-shio (Bonjiri) 三角(ぼんじり)
Chicken Tail with Salt

Torikizoku 鳥貴族
Camembert Croquette カマンベールコロッケ
Potato mixed with a few kinds of cheese such as Camembert and so on

Cabbage キャベツ
Cabbage キャベツ

Cabbage is also 298 yen and includes free refills. Even if you are a group only 298 yen is charged the bill of the group for the cabbage.

For example, there are 4 persons in your group. All people can eat a cabbage and get refills for the 298 yen. You don't need to pay 1192 yen.
However, only 1 dish of cabbage is served to the group at each refill.


Torikizoku 鳥貴族
English picture menu is available. Some restaurants use menu book instead of tablet device.
焼鳥は1皿2本 One dish (298 yen) at this restaurant has 2 chicken skewers which are quite large when compared to what is served at other restaurants.

Torikizoku 鳥貴族
I often put Japanese pepper (山椒 Sansho) and cayenne pepper (一味 Ichimi) on the meat.
I recommend Japanese pepper that has unique flavor.
Torikizoku 鳥貴族
Seasonings and toothpick are not prepared on the table. Please order if you want. They are free of charge.

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 お冷
Water is free of charge. You can ask the staff.

Torikizoku 鳥貴族
You can put the skewers in this cup.

Torikizoku 鳥貴族 箸
If chopsticks are not prepared on your table, open the drawer in the picture above.

These dishes below are available now for a limited time. They are exclusively made around the autumn and winter seasons, 2018 -2019.
These dishes bellow are end of sales. (Updated March 8, 2019)
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
Cheese Dakkarubi Kushi むね肉チーズダッカルビ風串焼
Chicken breast skewer with dakkarubi sauce and cheese sauce
I think this is too much sauce. Taste so-so.
Torikizoku 鳥貴族 Chicken
Chicken Tare Katsudon チキンタレかつ丼
Deep-fried chicken cutlet and half boiled egg on rice
I prefer chicken thigh to breast. It might be used chicken breast but this rice bowl is yummy!
Torikizoku 鳥貴族
Shijimi Ramen しじみラーメン
Domestically produced freshwater clams Ramen
It has a slight taste of fresh water clams, but I like a stronger tasting freshwater clam soup.

Shijimi Freshwater Clam Ramen in Kochi 高知 Shikoku 四国 - 呑兵衛屋台 しじみラーメン
When you are drunk, a bowl of fresh water clam ramen will s...


Torikizoku 鳥貴族
Bar restaurant name


(in Japanese)

  • 8% consumption tax is not included in the price.
  • No cover charge / No service fee
  • Open from evening through mid-night (No lunch)
  • Most of the branches accept smoking.
  • This restaurant's English picture menu is poorly translated. Instead, please refer to this page that describes many foods in English.

Non-smoking branches in downtown Tokyo area are below.

Near Ikebukuro 池袋 Station

Near Shibuya 渋谷 Station

About all of the non-smoking branches (in Japanese)

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