If you want to drive by go-kart (go-cart) in Japan, please bring an international driver's license.

Go Kart / Go Cart ゴーカート News
Go Kart / Go Cart ゴーカート

I often talk and get a drink with tourists at hostels in Tokyo. When I ask them what they want to do in Japan, many people say that they plan to rent a go-kart and drive on a public road.

Go Kart / Go Cart ゴーカート

Then, I ask if they have an international driver's license issued by their country.
Some of them don't have one.
I tell them that you have to show an international driver's license when you rent a car.
They are disappointed to hear that.

If you want to drive in Japan, please bring an international driver's license or similar type of driver's license (and your passport).

Go Kart / Go Cart ゴーカート

Where to rent a go-kart in Tokyo

JAPAN KART -Tokyo sightseeing tour with public road kart-
With“safety and comfort” as our motto, we provide driving tours through major landmarks of East Tokyo with our originally designed go-karts that are built with responsive and fun handling making it easy to drive straight away.
AKIBAKART! You can drive public road in Tokyo like as Mario cart! for sightseeing, offline meeting, advertisement and more! Akihabara Tokyo Japan.

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