Okinawa 沖縄


Umibudo (Sea Grapes, Green Caviar) Bowl at an Okinawan Cuisine MIYARABI in Tokyo 沖縄宮廷 琉球料理 みやらび 海ぶどう丼

Umibudo is one of the Japanese delicacies. It is called Sea Grapes or Green Caviar in English. Umibudo is unique in texture like caviar.

If you want to drive by go-kart (go-cart) in Japan, please bring an international driver's license.

I often talk and get a drink with tourists at hostels in Tokyo. When I ask them what they want to do in Japan, many people say that they plan to rent a go-kart and drive on a public road.

Japanese Craft Beer in Tokyo - Recommended Event and Bar Restaurants are BeerFes, Vector Beer, Popeye

Are you looking for Japanese craft beer in Tokyo?I know good bars and an event in downtown Tokyo.