Reasonable Ramen Restaurant HIDAKAYA 日高屋

HIDAKAYA Sauteed Liver and Chive Rice Set 日高屋 ニラレバ炒め定食Food

I have often had food at a chain restaurant HIDAKAYA 日高屋.
You can choose from a variety of reasonable foods such as ramen, gyoza (dumpling), and many kinds of stir-fried foods.
There are so many restaurants in and around Tokyo. Most of them are located close to main stations such as Shinjuku 新宿, Shibuya 渋谷, Ueno 上野, Akihabara 秋葉原, Asakusa 浅草 and so on.
When you are traveling Tokyo by train and subway, probably you will often see HIDAKAYA 日高屋 around the large stations.


Set meal includes main dish, rice, soup and pickles.

Sauteed Liver and Chive Rice Set ニラレバ炒め定食 680 yen

I know it is not commonly eaten in some countries. Some people are not familiar with this kind of food. If you are interested in cultural food of Japan, it is worth trying.

HIDAKAYA Sauteed Liver and Chive Rice Set 日高屋 ニラレバ炒め定食

It is my favorite set meal of Hidakaya. I have eaten this so many times here. Yummy!

HIDAKAYA Sauteed Liver and Chive 日高屋 ニラレバ炒め

This meat is pork liver. I often eat liver food because it is rich in nutrients.

If you really like eating liver meat don't miss a restaurant keiraku (kei楽) in Tokyo.

Delicious Liver Meat Dish in Tokyo: Sauteed Pork or Chicken Liver and Chive ニラレバ定食 (レバニラ)
If you like eating liver meat I highly recommend 2 restaurants below in Tokyo. They offer great food!

Pork with Kimchi Spice Sauce Rice Set バクダン炒め定食 700 yen

HIDAKAYA Pork with Kimchi Spice Sauce Rice Set 日高屋 バクダン炒め定食

Every time, I sweat a little during eating this because it is spicy.

HIDAKAYA Pork with Kimchi Spice Sauce 日高屋 バクダン炒め

Double Gyoza Dumplings Set - W餃子定食 670 yen

HIDAKAYA W Gyoza Set 日高屋 W餃子定食

When you order this set meal, instead of pickles, you can choose 2 piece of deep fried chicken or kimchi.

HIDAKAYA Deep Fried Chicken 日高屋 から揚げ

Gyoza Dumplings 餃子

6p 230 yen
3p 130 yen

HIDAKAYA Gyoza 日高屋 餃子

Hidakaya's gyoza is made in Japan. They have a new gyoza dumplings recipe and keeps inexpensive price in October 2019.

Ginkgo Nuts 銀杏 200 yen

One of Japanese Food Delicacies is Ginkgo Nuts (銀杏 Ginnan).

HIDAKAYA Ginkgo Nuts 日高屋 銀杏

Hidakaya's ginkgo nuts are marinated in olive oil.

HIDAKAYA Ginkgo Nuts 日高屋 銀杏

It is doughy and a bit chewy in texture. I like it!

Draft Beer 290 yen
It is Japanese beer KIRIN
Japanese beer companies, restaurants and bars think that 20 -30 % of froth in the glass is the best way to keep it in nice flavor and temperature. Don't be upset, please.
HIDAKAYA Cold Sake 日高屋 生冷酒

Cold Sake 380 yen

Hidakaya is also good for drinking alcoholic beverages. Several alcoholic beverages of large glass are really inexpensive. The costs are about 270 or 290 yen.


Vegetables Ramen 野菜たっぷりタンメン 520 yen

HIDAKAYA Vegetables Ramen 日高屋 野菜たっぷりタンメン

It is my favorite ramen of Hidakaya, because of a lot of vegetables (350g, 0.77lb) on it.
I like adding some vinegar in this salt taste soup. It makes the soup smooth.
* It is not vegetarian meal, because a little bit meat in the ingredients.

Miso Ramen 味噌ラーメン 540 yen

The soup of miso ramen is usualy thick soup, but HIDAKAYA's one is smooth soup and light miso flavor. I prefer thick and strong flavor miso soup, though.

HIDAKAYA Miso Ramen 日高屋 味噌ラーメン
HIDAKAYA Miso Ramen 日高屋 味噌ラーメン

HIDAKAYA Miso Ramen (Large) 日高屋 味噌ラーメン 麺大盛

Miso Ramen Large 味噌ラーメン麺大盛
(Noodles size is increased to large for an additional cost of 80 yen or for free if you use a coupon.)

HIDAKAYA Miso Ramen (Large) 日高屋 味噌ラーメン 麺大盛

Miso ramen broth is typically very flavorful, but miso ramen at HIDAKAYA 日高屋 is more bland.

It's a good idea to put black pepper and chili oil in it, which are available for you on the table.

You can also ask for garlic paste, as pictured below. The garlic is off menu, however, most HIDAKAYA restaurants will provide it if you ask for it.

HIDAKAYA Seasonings 日高屋 調味料

Chili Oil, Vinegar, Sauce, Black Pepper

HIDAKAYA Garlic Paste 日高屋 おろしにんにく

When you are ordering ramen you can also ask for garlic paste. It is free of charge.

Oroshi ninniku kudasai.

Can I have some garlic paste please?

If your favorite ramen is miso flavor, please take a look another ramen restaurant below.

A Restaurant Do-Miso Specializes in Miso Ramen in Nishiarai Tokyo みそらーめん専門店 ど・みそ 東京 西新井
They offer several kinds of miso ramen. There are many types of ramen in Japan. If your favorite type is miso ramen, Do-Miso is worth trying.

Shoyu Ramen 中華そば 390 yen (Half 200 yen)

HIDAKAYA Shoyu Ramen 日高屋 中華そば

This ramen is very simple and standard style.

Half Syoyu Ramen, Yakitori Don of HIDAKAYA 日高屋 半ラーメン やきとり丼

Left: Half Shoyu Ramen 半ラーメン 200 yen
Right: Chicken Bowl (Half) やきとり丼 250 yen

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン 630 yen

I like spicy food. I really like this ramen, but it is seasonal ramen in winter.

Chige Miso Ramen チゲ味噌ラーメン is available from November 22. 2019.
I highly recommend this!

HIDAKAYA Chige Miso Ramen 日高屋 チゲ味噌ラーメン

Spicy and Delicious!

HIDAKAYA Chige Miso Ramen 日高屋 チゲ味噌ラーメン

I guess pork, egg, chive, onion, miso and kimch are in it. Stamina food!

Deep Fried Noodles カタヤキソバ 630 yen

HIDAKAYA Five Piece Shape Fried Ramen 日高屋 カタヤキソバ

It is deep-fried noodles covered with vegetables and very starchy soup.

HIDAKAYA Five Piece Shape Fried Ramen 日高屋 カタヤキソバ


HIDAKAYA Coupon 日高屋 クーポン サービス券

Probably, you will be given a coupon ticket after paying the bill at the cash desk. You can use it next time. It is written in Japanese, and there are three options below and you can choose one among them.

  1. 麺類 大盛分 無料
    Increase noodles size to large for free
    Say "Men Oomori" めん おおもり
  2. ライス 大盛分 無料
    Increase rice size to large for free
    Say "Rice Oomori" ライス おおもり
  3. 味付玉子 50円
    50% for seasoned boiled egg (usual price 100 yen)
    Say "Ajitsuke-tamago" あじつけたまご
The coupon has an expiration date. Please check the date of word 有効期限.
Please hand the coupon to the wait staff, when you are ordering the food.

Restaurant name

  • You order at your table.
  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • Prices are included 10% tax.
  • English picture menu is available on the website.
    The prices on the English menu hasn't updated yet as of February 2020. Check out Japanese menu.
  • Credit card is not accepted.
  • You order at your table. (Only a few branches use the meal ticket system.) You will pay at the cash desk after finishing your meal.
  • It would be a good idea to come to HIDAKAYA for not only lunch but also dinner to get drunk🤗
熱烈中華食堂日高屋 | 株式会社 ハイデイ日高

There are 300 restaurants in and around Tokyo.


Replica food samples are displayed in front of some of the restaurants. There is also picture menu.

Prices are current as of February 2020.

Other similar style restaurants

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