Japanese Raw Egg is Safe to Eat. 生卵、温泉卵

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In Japan, we often eat raw eggs, typically those of chicken or quail. Many types of dishes are served with raw egg or a half boiled egg (very soft boiled egg).

Raw whole egg or yolk only is often used as the ideal sauce for seafood, beef / pork bowls, noodles dishes, sukiyaki and many more.

In Japan, eggs are rigorously inspected and cleaned to ensure that they are fresh and safe to eat due to the fact that so many Japanese people eat raw eggs regularly, so there is no need to worry.
I have never heard of anyone getting sick after eating raw eggs here in Japan. However, I don't recommend eating eggs that are past their best-before / expiration date.

Pork Bowl SUTADON すた丼 伝説のすた丼屋

If you are not good at eating raw eggs, it is also a good idea to mix only the yolk of the raw egg without the egg white.

Sakurasuisan さくら水産

One of the most popular raw egg dishes is called Tamago-Kage-Gohan, or T.K.G.
It is rice mixed with beaten, raw egg and a dash of soy sauce.
Some people eat it with Nori (dried seaweed).

Why don't you try Tamago-Kake-Gohan?

10 eggs cost about 200 yen at supermarkets in Japan.
Brand chicken eggs are much more expensive though.