Japanese Craft Beer in Tokyo - Recommended Event and Bar Restaurants are BeerFes, Vector Beer, Popeye

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービアFood
Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

Are you looking for Japanese craft beer in Tokyo?
I know good bars and an event in downtown Tokyo.

BeerFes ビアフェス in some districts, Japan

Craft Beer クラフトビール - BeerFes ビアフェス

One of the largest and most recommended beer festivals in Japan is Great Japan Beer Festival which is called BeerFes.
The specialties are amazingly many kinds of Japanese craft beers and all-you-can-drink of the beers, once you pay the admission fee.

BeerFes holds at several prefectures in Japan.

Schedule in 2020 (It is going to be updated later.)

Tokyo 東京? 2020
Yokohama 横浜? 2020
Nagoya 名古屋? 2020
Osaka 大阪? 2020
Okinawa 沖縄? 2020
Admission fee is around 5000 yen. (It depends on the place. Check out the website.)

120 or 150 kinds of craft beers are available. You are given a shot glass and you use the same glass repeatedly so that you can taste the beers as much as possible.
When you enter the place at the opening time, you can enjoy all-you-can-drink for more than 3 hours. It is really cost effective!

If you like drinking beer, you should plan to stay in Japan on the days and go to BeerFes!

Website (in Japanese)

日本地ビール協会 クラフトビア アソシエーション Craft Beer Association クラフトビール
日本地ビール協会 クラフトビア・アソシエーション ビールセミナー ビアテイスター ビアジャッジ ビアコーディネイター 醸造学基礎 ビール審査会 インターナショナル・ビアカップ 国際ビール大賞 ジャパン・ビアフェスティバル ビアフェス

Website (in English)

Cool Craft Beer World in Japan!

Vector Beer ベクタービア in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

I recommend a bar restaurant Vector Beer, which specializes in Japanese craft / homemade beer.
Their daily special always offers 10 kinds of Japanese beer.
This bar has own beer brewery near the bar in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo. You can enjoy fresh beer!

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

10 kinds of craft beers (Glass 450 yen, Pint 750 yen)
Inexpensive price!

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービアCraft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

This bar restaurant specializes in beef tongue.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

I am very interested in trying different local Japan beers inexpensively. This bar was good for me.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

3 kinds of sampler: 1000 yen
They offer all-you-can-drink beer. 3000 yen to more.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

This is a unique color beer.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - Vector Beer ベクタービア

Bar name
Vector Beer ベクタービア

Business hours
Monday - Saturday, pre-holiday and holiday  5:00 pm - 0:00 am
Sunday  3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
* Irregular holidays

Shinuku 新宿 of Tokyo

  • Smoking is accepted.
  • Cover charge is 350 yen per person includes a bite to eat.

Website (in Japanese)

新宿三丁目、新宿御苑でクラフトビールを楽しむなら「Vector Beer(ベクタービア)」へ。東京のど真ん中にある「新宿ブリュワリー」で自家醸造された人気のクラフトビールや、全国の地ビールなど、常時10種のビールを飲み放題でリーズナブルに楽しむことができ、こだわりの牛タン料理との相性も抜群です。ビアカクテルやワイン、限...

This bar chain has another craft beer bar Vector Beer Factory nearby and strictly No smoking!

Check out below.

Bar name
Vector Beer Factory

POPEYE ポパイ in Ryogoku 両国 Tokyo

Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ

Why don't you get a drink at a bar POPEYE ポパイ in Ryogoku 両国 Tokyo?
Enjoy drinking their original craft beer!

Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ

They offer 70 kinds beer on tap.
Lunch and dinner menus are available.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ

Many kinds of Japanese craft beer and imported beer are available.
This bar has own beer brewery outside Tokyo.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ
I recommend you go to this bar at the opening time in the evening.
When you go to this bar alone, the wait staff usually leads you to the counter bar instead of a table seat. I don't mind this.

The problem is when the bar gets crowded with costumers, the staff will bring out more stools and sit as many customers as we can at the counter.

So the bar becomes really tight and customers end up brushing against each other while we drink. I don't enjoy drinking there when this happens.
Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ

When you go to the bar during happy hour (until 8:00 pm) and order a pint of beer, you can choose a half-sized meal for free, from several different kinds of food.
The drinks that are part of this deal are marked with crown on the drink menu.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ

They offer several kinds of half-sized meals.

Craft Beer クラフトビール - POPEYE ポパイ

Bar name
Bakushu Club POPEYE
麦酒倶楽部 ポパイ

Ryogoku 両国 of Tokyo

Business hours
Bar and dinner:
Monday - Thursday 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Friday 3:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Saturday,  National holiday 3:00 pm - 11:30 pm
* Sunday is closed.

Lunch time:
11:30 am - 5:00 pm (or until sold out)
* Lunch set meals are 450 - 600 yen. What a great price, but it might be sold out soon.
* Lunch beer 250 yen
* During the lunch time, please buy a meal ticket at the ticket machine.

About dinner

  • this bar's cover charge is 300 yen per person which includes a bite to eat.
  • Their list price is not including 10% tax.
  • English picture menu is available.

Are you interested in watching sumo?
Sumo place is near the bar in Ryogoku 両国 Tokyo.

Photos were taken at the bars in 2017. Information is current as of February 2019.

Kirin Beer

KIRIN ICHIBAN FROZEN BEER is instragrammable in Japan キリン一番搾りフローズン・インスタ映え
This is draft beer topped with somethingfrozen. It looks like ice cream, but it is not soft serve ice cream or normalfroth.Actually, it is icy froth which is also made of beer.
Field Trip to Kirin Beer Brewery in Yokohama City Kanagawa Prefecture (next to Tokyo) キリンビール横浜工場見学
However, I have ever been to a variety of food and drink factories in Japan and some countries, Kirin Beer Brewery in Yokohama is one of the most gorgeous and golden factories!