Grilled Organ Meat on a Skewer of a Restaurant KUSHIYA-YOKOCHO in Tokyo 串屋横丁 もつ焼きセンター

串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki スーパーホルモンロールFood

A bar restaurant chain in Japan specializes in a variety of organ meats of mainly pork which is very cheap and chewy.
But they use fresh and tasty ones. They also offer a few kinds of chicken and beef.

I know that in some countries people don't eat guts, but eating grilled or stewed organ meats is popular in Japan.

Several kinds of skewer items cost 120 or 130 yen.

串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki スーパーホルモンロール

SuperHorumon Roll スーパーホルモンロール 120 yen
This is the restaurant's special. However, it is chewy, juicy and fatty. Young people like it.
It is big size (100g / 0.22lb).

串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki スーパーホルモンロール
Super Horumon Roll スーパーホルモンロール
串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki

Aka-motsu MIX 赤モツMIX 120 yen
A few kinds of meats are mixed on a skewer (90g / 0.20lb)

串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki
串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki

I forgot these two names above.

串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki

Cover charge was about 200 yen includes cabbage when I went there. The cabbage was free refills.

串屋横丁 Kushiya-Yokochi もつ焼き Motsuyaki

The pork is fresh from the factory and is domestically produced in Chiba 千葉 Prefecture next to Tokyo, Japan.

Bar restaurant name


(in Japanese)

  • Picture menu is available.
  • Cover charge is about 200 yen per person. It includes cabbage.
  • Tax is not included in the prices.
  • Smoking is accepted.
  • No service fee
  • Credit card is accepted.
  • Open from 4:00 pm (No regular holiday)

There are more than 40 restaurants of this chain restaurant in and around Tokyo, but most of them are situated in suburbs. I will show you some restaurants located near popular sightseeing places in downtown Tokyo.

Asakusa 浅草 1 (浅草食通街店)

Asakusa 浅草 2 (浅草国際通り店)

Kanda 神田 (神田南口店)
Kanda Station is next to Akihabara 秋葉原 Station. You can walk to the restaurant from Akihabara.

Monzen-nakacho 門前仲町 (門前仲町店)