Collect Seals GOSHUIN 御朱印 of Shrines and Temples in Japan

Goshuincho 御朱印帳 Culture
Goshuincho 御朱印帳

When you keep visiting shrines and temples in Japan many times to collect their seals in an accordion book as shown the above will become into your treasure which is mysterious and artistic book like ancient manuscripts.

Goshuin 御朱印 is a seal that is historically given if you wrote and submitted sutra copies at a shrine or a temple a long time ago, but after some time, instead of performing the ritual you can donate... actually buy the seal at many shrines and temples.

Each shrine or temple has their unique seal.

Goshuin 御朱印 金刀比羅宮

Kotohira-gu Shrine 金刀比羅宮
(It is also called Konpirasan.)

Website (in Japanese)

Goshuin 御朱印 Sugimoto-Shrine 椙本神社

Sugimoto Shrine 椙本神社


いの大国さま 公式ホームページ
Goshuin 御朱印 元乃隅稲成神社

You can choose from 5 colors below.

Goshuin 御朱印 元乃隅稲成神社


Motonosumi Shrine | Visit Nagato, Japan
Motonosumi Shrine was selected by CNN Travel as one of the "31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan." The shrine's remarkable location makes for a striking contrast between the red of its gates and the cobalt blue of the waves below.
【公式】元乃隅神社|Motonosumi Shrine|
Goshuin 御朱印 東大寺別院 阿弥陀寺

Todai-ji Betsuin Amida-ji 東大寺別院阿弥陀寺

Goshuin 御朱印 東大寺別院 阿弥陀寺

Japanese websites

東大寺別院阿弥陀寺 - たびたびほうふ - 山口県防府市
境内に植栽されたあじさいは80種約4,000株になり『あじさい寺』としても有名-西暦1180年(治承4年)に焼失した東大寺再建の大勧進 俊乗房重源(しゅんじょうぼうちょうげん)上人は、西暦1186年(文治2年)に周防国が東大寺再建の造営料国となったことから、周防国府があった防府に下向しました。 阿弥陀寺は、後白河法皇の現世安穏を祈願するとともに、東大寺再建や宗教活動の拠点である7別所のひとつとして、重源上人によって西暦1187年(文治3年)に建立されました。 - 山口県防府市
Goshuin 御朱印 - Zentsuji Temple 善通寺, Shiromineji Temple 白峯寺

Zentsu-ji 善通寺

Shiromine-ji 白峯寺

Website (in Japanese)

総本山善通寺 – 四国霊場第75番札所 弘法大師空海の御誕生地 善通寺へようこそ。
四国霊場第75番札所 弘法大師空海の御誕生地 善通寺へようこそ。
First, you need to buy the accordion book called Goshuin-cho 御朱印帳 in Japanese.
You can get it at many shrines, temples and stationery shops. There are many kinds of cover designs, and usually around 1500 yen.
Goshuincho 御朱印帳 金刀比羅宮

Goshuin-cho of Kotohira-gu Shrine 金刀比羅宮

Website (in Japanese)

Goshuincho 御朱印帳 金刀比羅宮
Goshuincho 御朱印帳 金刀比羅宮
Find a place Goshuin-jo 御朱印所 that appears to be a souvenir shop, reception or office.
At the place, you can say
Goshuin onegaishimasu 御朱印、お願いします。
(Can I have goshuin, please?)
Then, pay the seal fee. Usually it is about 300 yen.
Goshuin 御朱印

It looks good!

You can decorate your room with a Japanese atmosphere by using the book Goshuin-cho 御朱印帳.

In Tokyo, this shrine is good for sightseeing.

Mt. Mitake 御岳山 and Musashi Mitake-jinja Shrine 武蔵御嶽神社 in Tokyo 東京
Mt. Mitake 御岳山 (929m, 3047ft) is really popular sightseeing and hiking place for a day in Tokyo. I have been there a few times. It is called Mitakesan in Japanese.Hiking to Mt. Mitake is easy if you use bus and cable car from the bottom of the mountain.

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