Shrimp & Avocado - Sandwich Shop SUBWAY in Japan サブウェイ サンドイッチ えびアボカド

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイ Food

‎The sandwich shop Subway is also a popular fast food chain in Japan. Japanese Subway offers the "Shrimp & Avocado Sandwich" which is not offered in the US.
When you visit Japan, why not try the sandwich with the local Japanese Subway dressing called Wasabi soy sauce?

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイ

Shrimp & Avocado 6 inch regular sub
520 yen

えびアボカド レギュラー Regular Size Ebi Avocado

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイ
How to order (in Japan)
  • STEP 1
    Choose your favorite sandwich

    from main menu, morning menu, lunch menu or seasonal menu.
    (Egg, shrimp and several kinds of meat are available.)

    Choose the bread size from REGULAR (6-inch) or FOOTLONG

  • STEP 2
    • Flatbread フラットブレッド
    • Honey Oat ハニーオーツ
    • Sesame セサミ
    • Wheat ウィート
    • White ホワイト

    Order toast (あたためてください Atatame-te-kudasai) or
    nothing (そのままで sonomama-de)

  • STEP3
    Toppings (Extra Fee)
    • 2 Slices of Cheese 40 yen
    • Cream Type Cheese (20g 0.71oz) 60 yen
    • Mascarpone Cheese (20g 0.71oz) 90 yen
    • Egg (1 scoop) 60 yen
      たまご Tamago
    • 2 Slices of Bacon
    • Tuna (1 scoop) 80 yen
    • 5 Shrimps 100 yen
      えび Ebi
    • Avocado (35g 1.23oz) 110 yen
    • No toppings
      トッピングなしで Topping Nashi-de

    I know that cheese topping is included in the base price at Subway in the US, but in Japan, cheese topping costs extra, unfortunately.

  • STEP4
    • Lettuce
    • Tomato
    • Green Peppers
      ピーマン Piman
    • Onion
      たまねぎ Tamanegi

    Japanese Subway doesn't offer spinach and cucumber.

  • STEP 5
    To Accent the Flavors
    • Pickles
      (Maybe, it is cucumber pickles.)
    • Black Olives
      オリーブ Olive
    • Hot Pepper
      (It is like green chili pepper / Jalapenos.)

    You can add your favorite pickles above for free. However, if you don't say anything the workers don't add them on your sandwich.

  • STEP 6
    • Wasabi Soy Sauce (Spicy)
      わさび醤油ソース Wasabi Shoyu Sauce
    • Oil&Vinegar, Salt, Pepper
      オイル&ビネガー 塩こしょう
    • Caesar Dressing
    • Vegetable Creamy Dressing
    • Honey Mustard Sauce (Spicy)
    • Basil Sauce
    • Balsamic Sauce
    • Mayonnaise Type
    • Chili Sauce (Spicy)

    You can mix a few kinds of dressings.

  • STEP 7
    French Fries / drink (Extra Fee)

    Order them if you want.

  • STEP 8
    Dine-in or To go (Payment)
Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイ

Tips: Step 4 Vegetables

These are photos of a sandwich from Subway with the maximum amount of vegetables that you can order in Japan.

If you want, you can order like this in Japanese;


That means "I'd like the maximum amount of all of the vegetables".
Usually, the maximum amount is about two times larger than the regular amount if you don't say anything.

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイ

I chose 3 dressings such as balsamic sauce, mayonnaise and mustard as pictured. Sorry! Even though, I recommended wasabi soy sauce for you.

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイ
アクセント野菜 VEGGIES 無料 SUBWAY サブウェイ

Tips: Step 5 Pickles

‎When you order pickles for your sandwich at Subway, the workers typically put them on your sandwich.
Because I'm not a regular customer, I asked for the pickles on the side, like in the 2 pictures above.

There are three kinds of pickles available free of charge, and they'll add more if you ask.
These toppings are called Accent-yasai in Japanese Subway.

I would like all kinds of the pickles a lot.

Shrimp & Avocado えびアボカド SUBWAY サブウェイSUBWAY サブウェイ


SUBWAY サブウェイ
SUBWAY サブウェイ

Shop name
SUBWAY サブウェイ

Website (in Japanese)

  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • No smoking
  • Picture menu is available.
  • 10% tax is included in the prices.

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