Vegetable Ramen at a Restaurant FUKUSHIN 福しん in Tokyo

Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン - Fukushin 福しんFood

FUKUSHIN 福しん is inexpensive Chinese restaurant.
I often used to go there when I was tired after a busy day in my twenties. After many years, I made an impromptu visit back because I wanted to reminisce by eating this restaurant's tasty food.

Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン

Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン - Fukushin 福しん

Vegetable Ramen 490 yen
国産野菜タンメン (as pictured on this page)
Double Vegetable Ramen 600 yen
* It is used domestically produced vegetables

Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン - Fukushin 福しん

They offer many kinds of ramen but my favorite one is this vegetable ramen. Yummy and healthy!

Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン - Fukushin 福しん

There are lots of vegetables in it such as cabbage, onion, garlic chive, beansprouts, Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoot, carrot, wood ear mushroom, and goji berry (and pork). Sometimes, the ingredients might be changed.
It is not vegetarian meal.

Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン - Fukushin 福しん
Vegetable Ramen 国産野菜タンメン - Fukushin 福しん

Gyoza Dumplings ギョウザ

Gyoza Dumplings ギョウザ - Fukushin 福しん

Gyoza Dumplings ギョウザ
6p 200 yen
12p 380 yen

Gyoza Dumplings ギョウザ - Fukushin 福しん
Beer and Gyoza Dumplings 500 yen 生ビールセット 500円 - Fukushin 福しん

A set of draft beer and gyoza dumplings (6p) cost 500 yen!

Gyoza Dumplings Campaign on the 29th of Every Month 毎月29日 餃子祭 - Fukushin 福しん

On the 29th every month only!
6 pieces of dumplings are half price, from 200 yen to 100 yen.
Order as many as you like.

Fukushin 福しん

Seasonings: Mustard, Black pepper, Garlic, Chili pepper, Chili oil, Soy sauce, Vinegar


Restaurant name

  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • Tax is included in the prices
  • No smoking
  • Picture menu is available
  • Hot tea is for free if you order.
Menu in September 2019 - 2019年9月メニュー - Fukushin 福しん

Very good prices!
If you are traveling on a budget, it would be a good idea to go to FUKUSHIN 福しん. You can save money.

Website (in Japanese)

手もみラーメン 福しん オフィシャルサイト
Fukushin 福しん
Coupon クーポン - Fukushin 福しん

When I went there in September 2019 a coupon ticket クーポン券 was printed on the receipt.
Next time, you can choose one below.

  • 定食ライス大盛り分
    Increase rice size to large for free if you order a set meal called 定食 Teishoku
    Say "Rice Oomori" ライス おおもり
  • 麺大盛り分
    Increase noodles size to large for free
    Say "Men Oomori" めん おおもり
  • 味玉
    Seasoned boiled egg
    Say "Aji-tama" あじたま
  • ミニ杏仁
    Mini Size Almond Jelly
  • 冷奴
    Chilled Tofu

有効期限 Expiration Date
Example: (2019年11月30日) November 30, 2019

  • 1枚で4名まで使用できます
    Limit 4 people.
  • 他券併用不可、350円以上の注文で使用できます
    Not valid with any other (coupon / discount) offer.
    Minimum order of 350 yen.
  • 店内専用になります
    Dine-in only.
  • 注文時に券をお渡しください
    Present coupon upon ordering.

There are 33 restaurants in Tokyo.

They are located all in Tokyo, I introduce some restaurants around popular sightseeing places in downtown Tokyo.

Check out Google Maps below!

Kitasenju 北千住


Ikebukuro 池袋

Shinjuku 新宿

Asakusa 浅草

Prices and information are as of September 2019.

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