Soba Noodles and Tempura at a Restaurant YUDETARO ゆで太郎 in Japan 蕎麦 そば 天ぷら

ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎Food

Yudetaro is a chain restaurant and specializes in soba そば (buckwheat noodles). It is one of the Japanese traditional noodles.


Kake Soba Noodles かけそば

Kake かけ - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Hot Soba 360 yen (including tax)
かけ Kake
It is hot noodles with soup in a bowl.

A good point of this restaurant is freshly made soba that they make soba noodles from buckwheat flour in every restaurant, every day.

Immediately after you order soba, they start boiling soba, so that you can always have good tasting soba.

Kake かけ - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

If you want, you can put tempura crust on the soup for free. It is prepared near the kitchen and self-service.

Mori Soba Noodles もりそば

Mori もり - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Chilled Soba
Single 360 yen (as pictured below)
Double 530 yen
Triple 680 yen
もり Mori

Mori もり - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

It is chilled noodles. You dip soba into thick feeling sauce.

Mori もり - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Yudetaro's website says that their soba soup and dipping sauce are made from consciously selected ingredients such as soy sauce, Dashi and Mirin.
I agree! It tastes very good!

Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

そば湯 Soba hot water
There are some kettles on the tables at the restaurant.
It is hot water in which the soba noodles has been boiled called "sobayu そば湯". It tastes good and has many nutrients from the buckwheat.

Even Japanese people sometimes mistake this kettle for water or tea.

Pour the sobayu into the dipping sauce to make hot soup.
The dipping sauce has a thick feel but after you mix the sobayu together with it, it becomes a mild and tasty soup.

I always finish the dipping sauce mixed with sobayu because Yudetaro's dipping sauce is high quality and delicious.

Reasonable Today's Set 620 Yen

from the official website menu

They also offer a 620 yen soba (hot or chilled) set meal as a today's special.
日替わり得セット 620円 Higawari Toku Set 620 yen

There are 3 kinds of 620 yen set meals, but only one kind is available from 11:00 am until closing time each day.

  • Soba and Mini Pork Cutlet Curry Rice
    ミニカツカレーセット Mini Katsu Curry Set
    on Monday and Thursday

  • Soba and Mini Prawn and Maitake Mashroom Tempura Bowl
    ミニ海老舞茸天丼セット Mini Ebi Maitake-tendon Set
    on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

  • Soba, Meat and Eggplant Bowl Set
    ミニ肉茄子丼セット Mini Niku Nasu-don Set
    on Wednesday and Saturday

Take a look at the other menu below. (in Japanese)

ゆで太郎 ゆで太郎システム | メニュー

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A Curry Rice Restaurant Chain CoCo ICHIBANYA ココイチ CoCo壱番屋 - カレーライス
I sometimes go to a curry restaurant CoCo ICHIBANYA. They offer testy curry rice and many kinds of toppings.

This YouTuber had the set meal with a raw egg, but the raw egg is an option for 50 → 70 yen (or if you have a free coupon).

Would you like to eat low priced pork cutlet?
I know another good restaurant.

TONKATSU, KATSUDON Pork Cutlet Bowl at a Restaurant KATSUYA in Japan かつや - ソースカツ丼・とんかつ・カツカレー
TONKATU トンカツ is deep-fried breaded pork cutlet. KATSUDON is cooked TONKATSU with beaten egg on rice.


Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Restaurant name
(Yudetaro System ゆで太郎システム)

Website (in Japanese)

ゆで太郎 ゆで太郎システム
  • No cover charge / No service fee
  • 10% tax is included in the price.
  • No smoking
  • Picture menu is available on the ticketing machine.
  • Self-service
  • Credit card is not accepted. Cash only

How to Enjoy

  1. Buy a meal ticket at the entrance.
Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Yudetaro restaurants use the meal ticket and self-service system. English menu is not available on the ticket machine. Many foods are displayed with pictures on the ticket machine.

  1. Hand the ticket to the chef at the kitchen.
ゆで太郎 ゆで太郎システム | メニュー

When you hand the ticket to the chef you should order hot or chilled soba.

You can say "Hot" or "Cold" in English. The chef probably understands what you want to order. (You shouldn't say "Chilled" because some Japanese chefs don't know this word.)

Hot: Atatakai soba 温かいそば
Cold: Tsumetai soba 冷たいそば

  1. When your food is prepared, the chef calls your ticket number in Japanese. You can wait for the food at your table, but if you are not good at listening to Japanese, it would be better for you to wait for your food in front of the kitchen.
  2. Usually you wait for about 5 or 6 minutes for your food to be cooked. After you get your food, go to a seasonings section.
Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Chopsticks, spoon and seasonings are self-service. These are prepared in front of the kitchen. Cold water is self-service, too.

  • Sesame powder
  • Chili oil
  • Black pepper
  • Chopped chili pepper
  • Pickles
  • Pickled ginger
  • Salt
  • Soy sauce
  • Wasabi
  • Sauce
  • Tempura crust
  1. When you finish your meal, please return your tray to the return shelves.
Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

テーブル拭き Disposable wiping cloth
Please clean up your table yourself after finishing your meal, because this is a self-service restaurant.
顔や手などに使用しないでください means...
Do not use it for hand and face.

唐辛子・七味 Chili pepper, Mixed chili pepper

I introduce some restaurants around main stations in downtown Tokyo.
Check out Google Maps below!

Most restaurants open at 7:00 am, every day.

Ikebukuro 池袋
* There are 2 restaurants on the east and west side of the station.

Ginza 銀座

Akihabara 秋葉原 / Kanda 神田

Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎
Asakusa 浅草 / Honjoazumabashi 本所吾妻橋

Tsukiji 築地

Monzennakacho 門前仲町

Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎
Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Making sounds like "Zu zu zu ..." when slurping noodles is the customary way that Japanese eat noodles. It is not bad manners in Japan.

One of the reasons is that when you mix a lot of soup with a lot of air in your mouth you can taste more of their flavors. However, it would be better to keep the sound to a minimum.


They offered 4 kinds of 500 yen set meals in 2019, but now they are discontinued.

ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

ミニ明太高菜ごはんセット Mini Menta Takana Gohan Set
It includes soba noodles (hot or chilled), cod roe and Takana pickles on a mini cup of rice, and croquette.

In 2021, this set meal is changed to a similar set
ミニ焼鯖明太高菜ごはんセット Mini MYakisaba Menta Takana Gohan Set

ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

I put some pickles on the rice and got 2 packs of wasabi わさび.
I usually put a lot of wasabi in the dipping sauce.

ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎
ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

Cod roe and Takana pickles on rice
Takana is really popular Japanese pickles. It is also used rolled sushi below.

My Best Mackerel Sushi is "Mackerel with Leaf Mustard Sushi さば高菜巻 Saba-takana-maki". 鯖寿司・サバ鮨
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ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

This cod roe is domestically produced in Kojohama 虎杖浜 Hokkaido 北海道, Japan.

Information of fish egg food

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ワンコインセット ミニ明太高菜ごはん - Soba 蕎麦 そば - YUDETARO ゆで太郎

I put sauce on croquette.

This YouTuber had the set meal with a raw egg, but the egg is an option for 50 yen (or if you have a free coupon).

Japanese Raw Egg is Safe to Eat. 生卵(生玉子)、温泉玉子(温泉卵)
In Japan, we often eat raw eggs, typically those of chicken or quail. Many types of dishes are served with raw egg or a...

This YouTuber had the set meal with a croquette, but the croquette is an option for 80 yen (or if you have a free coupon).

Prices and information are as of September 2021. Photos were taken in 2015 - 2019.

A tempura restaurant TENYA offer soba as well.

Tempura Restaurant Chain TENDON TENYA in Japan - 天丼てんや・天ぷら
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There are a lot of inexpensive foods in Japan for less than 599 yen including tax.

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