World of Thigh Photo Exhibition 2019 in Harajuku Tokyo ふともも写真の世界展 原宿

This photo exhibition specializes in female beauty thigh. 💗


First, I want to say the photos are really attractive but they are not pornography.
The photos were taken artistically and so beautiful.
You must respect the author after looking around.

All photos in this page were taken at the same exhibition in 2017.

ふともも写真の世界展 World of Thigh Photo Exhibition

There are so many photos. The thigh models are probably Japanese women.

ふともも写真の世界展 World of Thigh Photo Exhibition

I want to upload all of the photos on this blog but I shouldn't, because I want you to go there and to see all of the wonderful photos!

When I went there in 2017, by courtesy of the author, I may photograph all the booths in the room and upload the photos online such as blog and SNS.

会場内は撮影可 in the official tweet above means that taking photos is permitted in the exhibition.

ふともも写真の世界展 World of Thigh Photo Exhibition

They sell several kinds of goods such as postcards photo books, etc. Good souvenir!
The visitors were not only men but also women.

ふともも写真の世界展 World of Thigh Photo Exhibition

You can also order large size (B3, A3 - A1) panel for your favorite photo. (Sales order management system)

Yeah! Definitely I'm going to see the exhibition again! 🙂 
ふともも写真の世界展 World of Thigh Photo Exhibition

Please refer to their English website below.

ふともも写真の世界展 2019 in 原宿(Chromatic Gallery)
まだ誰も見たことのない“ふともも”たち 総数150点以上! かるた体験イベントや新元号作品を揃え開催

April 27 - May 6, 2019

700 yen

Park NOVA Jingumae パークノヴァ神宮前2F
Please check Google Maps below. The exhibition is on the 2F of the building.

The map on the official website is wrong, it is their studio (office).
You should go to パークノヴァ神宮前 Park NOVA Jingumae.
The nearest stations are Harajuku 原宿 or Meiji-jingumae 明治神宮前 Stations.

ふともも写真の世界展 公式(@tgs_futomomo)さん | Twitter
ふともも写真の世界展 公式 (@tgs_futomomo)さんの最新のツイート "|ふともも写真の世界展 in 原宿| \情報解禁/ 2019年4月27日(土)~5月6日(月・祝日)に原宿Chromatic Gallerにて開催します。展示作品は新作や未公開作品となり内容も一新!会場限定公式図録や限定グッズ体験イベント...
ゆりあ(@yuria)さん | Twitter
ゆりあ (@yuria)さんの最新ツイート ふともも、撮ります。写真集「ふともも写真館」シリーズ全国書店で発売中。/個展「ふともも写真の世界展 」不定期開催/モデルへのご応募、お仕事の依頼等はWebサイトの応募/お問い合わせフォームからお願いします。 Japan

Do you want to see real cute thigh?

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