Kamakura 鎌倉


What do you want to buy as souvenirs when you leave Japan? How about TOKYO BANANA, Cute Magnet or Japanese Lantern?

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Mysterious Mossy Garden of Tokeiji Temple 東慶寺 in Kamakura 鎌倉 Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture, Japan

They have been keeping the scenery of the garden and cemetery in a very traditional and ancient style. It looks like a mysterious remains.This temple space is compact and simple but the garden is my favorite and I highly recommend this.

Which statue do you want to see in and around Tokyo between THE UNICORN GUNDAM and THE GREAT BUDDHA? ガンダム、大仏

There are 2 popular statues.THE UNICORN GUNDAM is located in Odaiba お台場 Tokyo.THE GREAT BUDDHA is at a temple in Kamakura 鎌倉 City Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture next to Tokyo.

Yummy Burgers in Japan - J.S. BURGERS CAFE

When you're visiting Tokyo, do you miss your family, friends, and burger?If so, a good place torest is J.S. BURGERS CAFEWhere you will find yourself eating with the yummy burger.Come relax and recharge here.Then, continue your journey!!

Yuigahama Beach 由比ガ浜海水浴場 in Kamakura 鎌倉 City Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture near Tokyo

Yuigahama 由比ガ浜 Beach is the most popular around Kanagawa 神奈川 and Tokyo 東京.A lot of young people go there to enjoy summer holidays.Beach houses and bars open from July to August.

Hasedera Temple 長谷寺 in Kamakura 鎌倉 City Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture

I have been to many temples and shrines in Japan for sightseeing or hiking.As far as in and around Tokyo, one of my best temples is Hasedera Temple 長谷寺 in Kamakura 鎌倉City.