Standing Sake Bars in Tokyo - ANAGURA 窖, KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋, SUZUDEN 鈴傳 - 日本酒

Sake Tokyo 日本酒 東京 徳利 とっくり お猪口 おちょこFood
Sake Tokyo 日本酒 東京 徳利 とっくり お猪口 おちょこ

Let's go to recommended sake stores (standing bars), and try paid sake tasting!
Standing bars are much more reasonable than typical seating style places.

The reason is that customers don't want to keep standing and staying for long periods of time, and they often come and out, so that the bars can reap profits, and offer drinks at competitive prices.


ANAGURA 窖 in Asakusa 浅草 Tokyo

This small store is located in a popular sightseeing place Asakusa 浅草 of Tokyo 東京, and specializes in a sake brewery Isokura-Shuzo 磯蔵酒造 of Ibaraki 茨城 Prefecture.

Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

They offer several kinds of paid sake tasting at this standing bar in the store.
3 kinds of sampler 1000 yen

  • No cover charge / No service fee
  • Tax is included in 1000 yen.
  • cash on delivery
  • They don't offer lunch and dinner.
Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

You can buy a bottle to take with you when you find your favorite one if you want.

Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

They sell high quality sake cups and vessels.

Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

This shopping room is small but good atmosphere like a cave.

Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

Asakusa 浅草 is a famous sightseeing place in Tokyo. When you go there I recommend you stop by this sake tasting shop.

Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

Store name

Business Hours
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

稲里の蔵元 茨城県笠間市稲田の酒蔵 - 磯蔵酒造
ANAGURA is a souvenir and liquor store. It is not a type of bar restaurant.
Anagura 窖 Asakusa 浅草 Sake 日本酒

You can see TOKYO SKYTREE in front of the shop and Sensoji Temple 浅草寺 is very close.

Photos and information of Anagura are as of in 2018.

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 in Tokyo

Their standing bars offer so many kinds of sake and wine. A glass of drink costs mainly between 300 and 1000 yen.

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 in Ginza 銀座 Tokyo

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 Ginza 銀座 Sake 日本酒

Open: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 Ginza 銀座 Sake 日本酒

Ginza branch opens all year round except year-end through New Year holidays.

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 in Ebisu 恵比寿 Tokyo

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 Ebisu 恵比寿 Sake 日本酒

Open: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

KIMIJIMAYA 君嶋屋 Ebisu 恵比寿 Sake 日本酒

This shop is located on the 4F of the West hall of the station building Atre アトレ, not main building.

Sightseeing around Ebisu 恵比寿

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Store name

【公式】横浜君嶋屋 - 【公式】横浜君嶋屋

(in Japanese)
There are 3 branches. (Ginza 銀座 and Ebisu 恵比寿 of Tokyo 東京, Yokohama 横浜 of Kanagawa 神奈川 Prefecture) The head shop in Yokohama closes on Sundays and national holidays.

  • Actually they are liquor stores. So, you can buy your favorite bottle after tasting if you want.
  • They offer only a bite to eat. They don't offer lunch and dinner.
  • Cash on delivery
KIMIJIMAYA shops are actually liquor stores. They are not bar restaurants. You shouldn't get drunk too much in the store.

Photos were taken in 2015 - 2016. Information is as of March 2019.

SUZUDEN 鈴傳 in Yotsuya 四谷 (Shinjuku 新宿) Tokyo

This liquor store specializes in fresh local sake, and carries out thorough quality control of it when they stock their store. Some types of sake require a refrigerator to stock even if they are not opened yet.

For example. Namazake 生酒. (Nama Sake)
This type is not heated for pasteurization when it is made in a sake brewery and requires refrigeration. When I went to the store I saw many kinds of Namazake in the refrigerators.

If you want to try more natural sake flavor, please ask the staff.
"Namazake wa doredesuka?" "生酒はどれですか?"
"Which one is Namazake? "

SUZUDEN 鈴傳 Sake 日本酒

This places are both sake store and standing bar restaurant.

This bar is compact and their bar space is sometimes cramped. So, you shouldn't go there with a large group. (1 or 2 persons are the best.) The store and bar rooms are connected inside.

They sell many kinds of local sake and offer standing bar and food services. A lot of inexpensive Japanese style foods are displayed on the shelve. So, you don't need to read a menu in Japanese. This system is good for non-Japanese speakers.

Foods cost between 380 and 480 yen. Alcohol beverages cost 350 yen to more. Sake menu is available on the website (in Japanese)

Please point to the sake menu on the wall (or on the website) and food you want to try.
"Korekudasai" "これください。"
"I will take this, please."
SUZUDEN 鈴傳 Firefly Squid ホタルイカ

This food is boiled firefly squid ホタルイカ with special sauce. There is no texture of squid bone when you are eating. It is soft and tasty.

SUZUDEN 鈴傳 Sake 日本酒

Store name

Business hours
Standing bar:
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm on Weekdays

9:00 am - 8:30 pm on Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm on Saturday
Sunday, national holiday and 3rd Sunday are closed.

地酒専門店 鈴傳(すずでん) 公式サイト

(in Japanese)

  • Cash on delivery
  • No service fees / No cover charge
  • Prices are including tax.
  • Smoking is allowed.
  • Water is free of charge and self-service.
  • Dishes, glasses and bottles should be returned on the table near the small kitchen space when you leave.
Let's hang out with local people in the standing bar!
This place is unknown to tourists.

The nearest station is Yotsuya 四谷 Station. It is located several stations from Shinjuku 新宿 Station.
Why don't you go there after sightseeing around Shinjuku 新宿 area of Tokyo?

Sightseeing around Yotsuya 四谷

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden 新宿御苑

Photos were taken in 2016.

Another sake tasting bar in Tokyo

Standing Sake Bar / Pub KURI in Shinbashi 新橋 Tokyo - 庫裏 日本酒