An Eyeglasses Chain JINS in Japan sells prescription eyeglasses at the minimum price of 5500 yen. (US$51)

JINS Glasses News

Have you ever bought prescription eyeglasses?
How many prescription eyeglasses can you buy inexpensively in your country?

JINS Glasses

How much is a reasonable price excluding designer brand (expensive) eyeglasses in your country? 

JINS Glasses

In addition, you're able to buy eyeglasses without a prescription as most Japanese eyeglasses stores give an eye test there.

JINS Glasses

Most eyeglasses JINS sells are priced between 5000 and 12000 yen.
It includes eyeglass frame, lenses, case and cloth.
* 10% Tax is not included in the prices.

JINS sells many kinds of reasonable eyeglasses.
It is a good souvenir, isn't it?

JINS Glasses
JINS Glasses

I bought this for 5000 yen excluding tax. I'm satisfied with the high quality lenses.
This one is designed in Tokyo, and made in China.

First, select your favorite eyeglass frame.
Next, take eye test in the store for free, and select lenses.
After you pay the bill they quickly adjust your lenses in the store.
I got my eyeglasses in 4 hours.
Usually customers get their eyeglasses within several hours if the store is not busy and your lenses are in stock.

JINS Glasses

JINS has many stores all over Japan.

English information is available but is not about the stores in Japan.

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