Public bath/Hot spring


Hiking in Ryuokyo Ravine 龍王峡, Nikko 日光 Tochigi 栃木 - Kawaji Hot Spring 川治温泉・Kinugawa River 鬼怒川 (2/2 Northern Part)

Highlights of this part are a dam and hot springs. Taikan (Grand View) 大観 Columnar Joint 柱状節理 Shiroiwa 白岩 Kawaji 2nd Power Plant 川治第二発電所 Hamako Bridge 浜子橋 龍王峡遊歩道渓流散策コースは、この先、危険につき立入禁止とします。This trail is closed, but you can keep going on the other trail. Koa...

Hiking in Ryuokyo Ravine 龍王峡, Nikko 日光 Tochigi 栃木 - Kawaji Hot Spring 川治温泉・Kinugawa River 鬼怒川 (1/2 Southern Part)

Ryuokyo Ravine is known as a scenic spot and a popular hiking place for a day. It is located in Nikko 日光 City Tochigi 栃木 Prefecture, Japan.You can enjoy the scenic views of Kinugawa river 鬼怒川, ravine, waterfalls forest, hot springs and Japanese food.

A Hot Spring "Hikawago Asahanoyu at Mikawaya Ryokan" in Okutama Tokyo 東京 奥多摩 氷川郷麻葉の湯 三河屋旅館(Onsen 温泉)

I present you a Tokyo ryokan hot spring. A ryokan 旅館 is a type of Japanese style inn. Mikawaya Ryokan 三河屋旅館 has a good hot spring. The use of the hot spring in this ryokan is not limited to ryokan guests.

Low Priced and Popular Hot Spring / SPA RYUSENJINOYU near Tokyo 竜泉寺の湯 草加谷塚店

I have been to this hot spring a few times. It is still unknown to international tourists. I recommend you go there on weekdays. On weekends and during holiday season, probably it is crowded in the bathing rooms and restaurant.

Daisen Backpackers in Tottori 鳥取 Prefecture Japan 大山バックパッカーズ、大山ペンション村のゲストハウス

Are you planning to go hiking and sightseeing in Daisen-Oki National Park 大山隠岐国立公園, Tottori 鳥取 Prefecture?I recommend this cozy and pretty guest house Daisen Backpackers 大山バックパッカーズ.

Retro Public Bath MATSUNOYU in Tokyo - 銭湯 (Sento) 松の湯 Permanently Closed

They closed their business on 29 February, 2020 MATSUNOYU 松の湯 in Tokyo is a public bath (not hot spring). It has old retro baths. Japanese people feel nostalgic atmosphere there.This type of public bath is getting rarer and rarer these days.

2/2 Yakushima Island National Park, World Natural Heritage in Japan 世界自然遺産 屋久島

At last we arrived at Jomon-sugi Ceder 縄文杉.