Shikoku 四国


Inakazushi (Inaka-Sushi) in Kochi is Good for Vegetarian and Vegan. 高知 田舎寿司

Inakazushi (Inaka-Sushi) 田舎寿司 is Kochi Prefecture's traditional local sushi. The sushi toppings are usually used vegetables. This sushi is healthy and tasty.

Face-in-the-hole photo boards at Sightseeing Places in Japan 顔ハメ看板

You will see many boards during trip in Japan. One of those boards where you stick your face in a hole to take a funny photo with your face on a character's body. Most everyone in Japan is familiar with this type of board at sightseeing places. Usually ...

Deep fried moray eel is tasty. Try it out! ウツボから揚げ 高知

Moray eel food is a local food in Kochi 高知 Japan. It is unique in texture and little chewy. I sometimes eat it because it's tasty.

Shijimi Freshwater Clam Ramen in Kochi 高知 Shikoku 四国 - 呑兵衛屋台 しじみラーメン

When you are drunk, a bowl of fresh water clam ramen will sober you up.

Japanese Dog SHIBAINU (SHIBAKEN) 柴犬 and Mameshiba 豆柴

Shibainu 柴犬 is traditional Japanese dog. (It is also called Shibaken)

Collect Seals GOSHUIN 御朱印 of Shrines and Temples in Japan

When you keep visiting shrines and temples in Japan many times to collect their seals in an accordion book as shown the above will become into your treasure which is mysterious and artistic book like ancient manuscripts.

The best udon I have ever had is Udon Honjin YAMADAYA in Kagawa Prefecture. うどん本陣 山田家 讃岐本店

A udon shop Udon Honjin YAMADAYA うどん本陣 山田家 has delicious udon in addition to traditional Japanese style residence that was used in 1751-1829.

Nishigawa Flower Park in Konan City Kochi Prefecture 高知県香南市 西川花公園

Let's go to see wonderful flowers at Nishigawa Flower Park in Kochi Prefecture! 西川花公園(高知県) Flower festival starts from March 17, 2019.

The Best Whitebait Bowl is in Kochi 高知 Prefecture (Chirimen-don ちりめん丼 / Shirasu-don しらす丼 / Dorome どろめ)

This set meal of Whitebait (Baby sardine) Bowl is only 600 yen. Super low price and delicious!

Go for a Drive to MONET'S GARDEN in Kochi Prefecture Shikoku 四国 高知 モネの庭 ドライブ

This garden has been made similarly to Monet's Garden in France. It is a good place to go on a date.


A ramen chain MARUGEN RAMEN 丸源ラーメン is worth trying. My family and I like the shop's ramen. I will definitely visit their ramen shop again soon to enjoy their ramen.

A Self-service Food Stand that Works on the Honor System in Japan 良心市、無人販売所

This is a sales place for vegetables, fruits, flowers and so on. It is usually just a shelf and a roof, without any doors or windows.

A Wild Animal in Japan

I saw a strange wild animal from far away. What is that?

Mameshiba Dog Cafe "momoca" in Kochi Prefecture of Shikoku 四国 高知 豆柴ドッグカフェ

Mameshiba Dog Cafe momoca in Kami City Kochi 高知 Prefecture of Shikoku 四国, Japan.This cafe opened in September 2018. It is still unknown to many people. Right now, you should go there by car.