Attention! Japan's Google Maps got worse!

大山 Mt. Oyama 大山阿夫利神社 Oyama Afuri ShrineNews
大山 Mt. Oyama 大山阿夫利神社 Oyama Afuri Shrine

When Google was using map data from Japan's the most excellent mapmaker ZENRIN, the quality of Google Maps was really good.
But now, they probably stop using it. Instead, they use their own map data for Google Maps.
The accuracy of Japanese Google Maps has degraded considerably!!!

Google Maps has degraded!

In Japan, many people are complaining about the new Google Maps.
When you search with an address, sometimes they don't show the place properly in March, 2019.
Some details are lost such as bus stops, narrow roads, walking trails and so on.

So you should double check just in case using Google Maps and other map apps or websites while traveling in Japan.
I know another good map for the iOS app in the English edition below.
JAPAN MAP -by いつもNAVI- | 株式会社ゼンリンデータコム
I would like to know the Android app in the English edition.
If you have any suggestions please comment on this blog page.

This map below is not Google Maps. There are narrow roads and walking trails around a shrine 大山阿夫利神社.

You can also take a look at the map of Windows10 because it uses the mapmaker ZENRIN. The quality of the map is great!

Google Maps below lost narrow roads and walking trails around a shrine 大山阿夫利神社. Goggle Map used to show them before March 2019.

大山 Mt. Oyama 大山阿夫利神社 Oyama Afuri Shrine

Instead, there is an advantage!

The offline map feature of Google Maps became available in Japan from November 2019. Although, it was not available before in Japan.

Before coming to Japan, you can save the maps of the places you'll be visiting with your smartphone. (Android / iOS)

Google Offline Maps
Google Offline Maps

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