Popular Sashimi Restaurants in Tokyo - YONPACHIGYOJOU 四十八漁場, KAPPOU SAITOU 割烹さいとう

割烹 さいとう Kappou Saitou Food

I often go to seafood restaurants in Tokyo. I will introduce two recommended restaurants below.

Sashimi and Grilled Fish at Dinner Time - YONPACHIGYOJOU 四十八漁場

This restaurant's sashimi is top-notch and delicious because they purchase many kinds of fresh seafood directly from fish town's markets and fishermen all over Japan every day.
I would also recommend that you try their grilled fish because they use fresh fish for grilling as well.


This is a kind of Japanese sea vegetables called Mozuku もずく. It is soaked in sweet vinegar sauce.


Shredded Wakame わかめ


Cover charge is 460 or 480 yen per person which includes (starter) appetizer as seen above.

こだわり鮮魚の六点盛り 6 Kinds of Fresh Seafood Sashimi - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

6 Kinds of Fresh Seafood Sashimi 890 yen
こだわり鮮魚の六点盛り Kodawari-sengyono-rokuten-mori

The minimum order for this dish is 2.
Serves 2 people as shown above (1780 yen)

こだわり鮮魚の六点盛り 6 Kinds of Fresh Seafood Sashimi - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

It wasn't good time to have dinner at the restaurant after storm or typhoon passed around Japan as the fishermen was not able to go fishing.

When we went there at that time most of the sashimi (raw) dishes were not in stock.

It means they are honest and try their best to offer really fresh seafood.


Red Sea Bream Sashimi 480 yen
マダイ刺し Madai-sashi

In fact, when you order grilled fish, the waitress will literally bring the catch of the day to your table for you to choose.
The restaurant lets you handpick your favorite fish with help from the waitress. I think this business model is good for the customers.

We chose head of red sea bream and flying fish.


Grilled Head of Red Sea Bream 1000 yen
マダイ兜 Madai-kabuto


Grilled Flying Fish 780 yen
トビウオ Tobiuo

ほっけ Grilled Okhotsk Atka Mackerel - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

Grilled Semi-dried Okhotsk Atka Mackerel 730 yen
ホッケの干物 Hokke-no-himono

ほっけ Grilled Okhotsk Atka Mackerel - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU
かに味噌 甲羅焼き Crab Innards Grilled with Shell - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

Crab Innards Grilled with Shell 590 yen
かに味噌 甲羅焼き Kanimiso Kourayaki

かに味噌 甲羅焼き Crab Innards Grilled with Shell - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU
日本酒 Sake ゆきの美人 - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

When you order sake you can choose between small, medium or large size.

  • Small is served in a mini glass for one person. (It is called "Glass グラス".)
  • Medium is served in a lipped sake cup. (It is called "Katakuchi 片口".)
  • Large is served a long cup or a short decanter.
日本酒 Sake 愛宕の松 あたごのまつ - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

We orderd medium ( a lipped sake cup ) called "Katakuchi 片口" and 2 mini sake cups called Ochoko お猪口.

日本酒 Sake - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

Lipped Sake Cup (Large Sake Cup)
The prices depend on sake brands. They cost around 900 yen


They offer many kinds of high quality sake.


Cloudy Plum Wine 620 yen
にごり梅酒 Nigori-umeshu
Yogurt Liquor  580 yen
ヨーグルト酒 Yogurt-shu

鳳凰美田 完熟もも Rich Peach Liqueur - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

Rich Peach Liqueur 580 yen
完熟もも Kanjuku-momo


Sauteed Welk Shell with Garlic Butter 650 yen
つぶ貝ガーリックバター焼き Tubugai-garlic-butter-yaki


Cook yourself. Just stir it often in order to keep it from burning.


I heard that the restaurant stopped serving shrimp dipping doodles. I hope they put it back on the menu. It was delicious.

Instead, it would be a good idea to order stone-roasted shrimp rice below. (It is available in August 2019.)

桜えびの石焼きチャーハン - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

Stone-roasted Shrimp Rice 850 yen
桜えびの石焼きチャーハン Sakuraebi-no-ishiyaki-chahan

桜えびの石焼きチャーハン - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

After mixing, wait 1 or 2 minutes to make slightly burnt rice if you like.
Japanese people eat stone-roasted rice food, we like eating slightly burnt rice.

桜えびの石焼きチャーハン - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

Ready to eat!

桜えびの石焼きチャーハン - 四十八漁場 YONPACHIGYOJOU

English picture menu


Bar restaurant name

Website (in Japanese)

四十八漁場 - 居酒屋

Business hours
They are restaurant chain and have many branches. They open from 5:00 pm at the latest. A few of the restaurants also open at lunch time.

  • Cover charge is 460 or 480 yen per person which included bite to eat during dinner hours.
  • English picture menu is available.
  • Smoking is accepted.
  • Credit card is accepted.

These are the same restaurant on the English Google Maps.

Yon-pachi Gyojyo
Forty-eight Fishing Grounds
[Seafood tavern] forty-eight fishing

I introduce some restaurants around main stations in downtown Tokyo.
Check out Google Maps below!

Ikebukuro 池袋

Shinjuku 新宿

Ebisu 恵比寿

Tokyo 東京

Akihabara 秋葉原

Kitasenju 北千住

Photos were taken in 2018 and 2019. Prices and food information in this chapter are as of in 2018 and 2019. Menu and prices are sometimes changed.

Seafood Bowl at Lunch Time - KAPPOU SAITOU 割烹 さいとう

Allow me to introduce a Japanese style seafood restaurant which offers a really reasonable lunch in Tokyo.
One of the most popular food items at this restaurant is Large Size Kaisendon 海鮮丼. It is a set meal and only costs 1150 yen during lunch time.


Kaisendon is a rice bowl topped with several kinds of fresh seafood. The seafood is mainly sashimi that is raw or boiled seafood.


  • 海鮮丼 Kaisendon 950 yen
    Seafood Bowl - Regular Size
  • 海鮮丼(具の大盛り) Kaisendon (Gu-no-oomori) 1150 yen
    Seafood Bowl - Large Size of the Toppings.
You can change the rice to the large size for free. (No extra charge.)
When you are ordering  Kaisendon you can say,
Gohan oomori ご飯大盛 (Large rice)

This restaurant's specialty is the large quantity of sashimi. When you are eating their Kaisendon, it is a little difficult to eat the rice because the rice is under a lot of seafood.

So when you order the large size kaizendon. the waitstaff will ask you if you would like to get the sashimi separately from the rice like a set meal.

割烹 さいとう Kappou Saitou

The photos in this chapter are Seafood Bowl - Large Size of the Toppings. (The vinegared rice is separated.)

The rice of Kaisendon here is slightly vinegared, but if you order the separate Kaisendon, you can choose vinegared or normal rice.
* Refill of a cup of rice is only 50 yen.

割烹 さいとう Kappou Saitou

There was a little bit wasabi on the dish. You can get another mini cup of wasabi if you like.
Simply say:
"Wasabi kudasai." わさびください。
(Can I have another cup of wasabi please?)

割烹 さいとう Kappou Saitou

When I went there, more than 15 kinds of foods were decorated on the dish. Although the ingredients depend on purchasing from a fish market every day.

割烹 さいとう Kappou Saitou

Restaurant name

Business hours
Lunch time : 11:30 am - 2:00 pm
Dinner time : 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
* You can't order the Kaisendon at dinner time.
Sundays and national holidays are closed.

  • Smoking is not permitted during lunch time.
  • The cost of the Kaisendon includes tax.
  • No service fee, No cover charge during lunch time
  • Credit card is not accepted.

The nearest stations

  • Iriya 入谷 Station on the Tokyo Metro Subway 東京メトロ - Hibiya Line 日比谷線
    Iriya Station is next to Ueno 上野 Station which is a popular sightseeing area.
  • Uguisudani 鶯谷 Station on the JR - Yamanote Line 山手線

Other recommended sashimi restaurants in Tokyo:

The Best Tuna Sashimi and Cutting Performance at a Restaurant MAGURO-SHOUTEN in Shinjuku Tokyo まぐろ商店 新宿 鮪刺身 解体ショー
Enjoy watching a tuna cutting performance and eating fresh tuna!
Eat the Moving Squid Arms at a Bar Restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター in Tokyo - Calamari 烏賊
A Japanese bar restaurant IKA CENTER イカセンター specializes in fresh squid sashimi. (Squid is called IKAin Japanese.)Some squids are kept alive in the fish tank of the restaurant.Immediately after the customer orders, it is sliced as sashimi.I have been to 2 r...
Kigurajyaya きぐら茶屋 - Izakaya 居酒屋 located 2 stations away from Oshiage 押上 Station (Tokyo Skytree) in Tokyo
ThisJapanese style bar restaurant (called Izakaya) offers great seafood, especially sashimi.Their grilled chicken on a skewer is also tasty.This Izakaya is kind of unknown for tourists, because it is not situated in downtown Tokyo.
Fishing Restaurant ZAUO ざうお within a Building - Sashimi, Seafood さしみ・海鮮料理
Don't worry about sinking this ship and seasickness.Youcan catch the fish yourself, and eat really fresh seafood on the ship in this building.Enjoy fishing and eating sashimi!

There is a guesthouse toco near the restaurant "KAPPOU SAITOU 割烹 さいとう". Why don't you stay there and have the seafood bowl at the restaurant?

Photos were taken in 2015. Prices and information are as of March 2019.