A Sake Brand for Beginners - Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 - 日本酒 純米吟醸

Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 - 日本酒 純米吟醸Food
Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 - 日本酒 純米吟醸

If you are new to drinking sake, a sake brand called Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 would be best for you.
It has really smooth light feeling but is still very tasty and not so sweet.
Don't get me wrong, but it is sometimes said to taste like water.

I felt that its natural fruity flavor is similar to melon. Although, the ingredients don't include any fruits.

This sake has about 14-15% alcohol.  I prefer it cold to warm.

Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 - 日本酒 純米吟醸

I bought this bottle (720ml) for about 1300 yen at a liquor store in Tokyo. This is not cheap sake but it is affordable and worth trying.

When I was in my early twenties, I used to drink mainly cocktails. However, this sake changed my mind.

Nowadays, sake is my favorite alcoholic beverage, and I often try to drink more unique taste sake than Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi.

If you are new to drinking sake and start by drinking one's that are cheap prices, strong and have unique flavors, probably you will build a dislike for sake.

So please try to first drink sake that are not as strong flavor and on the lighter side like Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水.

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Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi 上善如水 is a brand name and has several types of sake. It can be confusing when you buy this sake.
So, when you find this name on the bottle label, please check what type it is, such as sparkling, aged (熟成), some quality levels. Please refer to the website about the difference. Either one is tasty though.

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