Italian Food with All You Can Drink in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo - Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント・飲み放題・イタリアン

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアンFood
Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Are you tired of eating Japanese food during traveling in Japan?
How about Italian food instead?
A course (10 items) dinner with all-you-can-drink alcohol beverages costs 5000 yen. (5500 yen including tax)

Delicious and cost effective!
This restaurant is located in Shinjuku 新宿 Tokyo.

About 5000 (5500) yen course

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Fresh Fish Carpaccio
Ham and Salami

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Seafood Frit

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Steamed Clam

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Steamed Clam

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Vegetables and Seafood Saute

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Pasta-1, Pasta-2

I hope you don't get me wrong, but Italian food, especially pastas, in Japan is more delicious than pastas in Italy, and for the same amount of money.

I thought about it after I ate some Italian food such as pasta, pizza and so on at some of the cheapest to luxury restaurants when I went to Italy.

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン

Roast Pork

Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント Italian food イタリアン


Comfortable atmosphere!
All foods were delicious!

This restaurant is a good place to go on a date.💖

This course menu above is called 5000 (5500) Yen Course.

  • These food items above are sometimes changed.
  • All-you-can-drinks is 2 hours. You may have to leave after 2 hours. (Beer, Red / White wine, Many kinds of cocktails, Whiskey, Non-alcoholic beverages)
  • 2 or more people are accepted to order the course dinner.


Restaurant name
Trattoria Quinto トラットリア クイント

  • Credit card is accepted.
  • Smoking and non-smoking rooms are separated. If you want the non-smoking room you should make a reservation.
  • No service fee.
  • 10% tax is not included in the prices. It is not clear.
  • Menus: A la carte, Lunch, Dinner, Some other courses
  • Dress code: Casual
  • Cover charge is 300 yen per person at dinner time. If you order the course dinner the cover charge is waived.

In Japan, in restaurants that offer all you can drink options are not willing to ask the customers if they want to get another drink when the glass is empty.
However, in this restaurant the wait staff kindly came to our table a number of times to offer more drinks when they noticed that the glasses were empty.

I like this kind of services that exists in this restaurant, even though there are no systems of tipping and service fee.

Business hours
Lunch time 11:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner time 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Website (in Japanese)

トラットリア クイント
新宿エリアのTHE・アットホーム、トラットリア クイントのオフィシャルページです。お店の基本情報やメニュー情報などをご紹介しています。
トラットリア クイント(新宿/イタリアン(イタリア料理)) - ぐるなび
トラットリア クイント(新宿/イタリアン(イタリア料理))の店舗情報をご紹介。お店のウリキーワード:個室など。ぐるなびなら店舗の詳細なメニューの情報やネットで直接予約など、「トラットリア クイント」の情報が満載です。多彩な個室と肉×イタリアン 当日OK!女性限定1ドリンククーポン♪ ランチ&ディナー 単品飲み放題あり

It is located on the 3rd floor.

Photos were taken in 2017. Price is as of November 2019.

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