Unadon (Eel Bowl) Restaurant UNATOTO うな丼 宇奈とと

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼Food

UNATOTO 宇奈とと is a restaurant chain that specializes in Unadon うな丼. It is an eel bowl (Unagi bowl).
In Japan, we call eel Unagi. Unagi is usually expensive, nutritious fish, and of rare value in Japan, but UNATOTO is the most reasonable restaurant for Unagi food.

Photos of Eel

A chef of this restaurant grills Unagi with a charcoal stove. So, you can eat delicious Unagi food here. Their special house sauce for Unagi has a really nice taste.

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

Recommended food
Unadon うな丼 550 yen (It is the smallest Unagi bowl.)
Akadashi 赤だし 110 yen (Red Miso Soup)

I think Unadon 550 yen is small. If you are hungry I recommend larger one.

Akadashi (Red Miso Soup) has richer flavor than typical miso soup. It is my favorite miso soup.

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

A piece of cut Unagi in this picture above is a short height and width like a credit card.
550 yen is a good price to trial Unagi in Japan. If you like it, you will order a larger size next time.

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

Unaju うな重 880 yen (Unaju うな重 is a little larger than Unadon うな丼.)
Akadashi 赤だし 110 yen (Red Miso Soup) It is optional.

Japanese pepper (山椒 Sansho) that is prepared on the table matches the Unagi bowl.
Akadashi (Red Miso Soup) also matches the Unagi bowl.
Why don't you try them?

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

Unagi Bowls cost 550, 880, 1000, 1430, 1650 and 2200 yen. Check out the menu on the website below.

Seasonal Discount

If you order Unadon double うな丼ダブル 1000 yen, you can change the rice to the large size for free. (No extra charge.)

Gohan oomori ご飯大盛 (Large rice)

Unfortunately, when you order the other sizes of the eel bowls, this option of the large rice is maybe not applicable.
Please ask the worker if it is available or not.


Restaurant name

名代宇奈とと │ うな丼 うなぎ (UNAGI Japanese food)

Order / Payment
You order at your table. You will pay at the cash desk after finishing your meal.

  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • English picture menu is available at the restaurant and on the website.
  • Many kinds of alcoholic beverages are available such as beer, sake, shochu and cocktails.
  • They also offer some items for to go.
  • 10% tax is included in the prices.
Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

Asakusa 浅草 in Tokyo

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

Ueno 上野 in Tokyo

Unatoto 宇奈とと Unadon (Eel bowl) うな丼

Shinbashi 新橋 in Tokyo

There are 4 Unatoto restaurants in Osaka 大阪.

Prices and information are as of November 2019.

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