All-You-Can-Drink 100 Kinds of Plum Wine (梅酒 Umeshu) in Kitasenju 北千住 Tokyo

Plum Wine 梅酒 Food

Plum Wine 梅酒
A bar restaurant offers all-you-can-drink plum wine. You can get free refills from 100 Kinds of plum wine.
1 hour 1010 yen
2 hours 1680 yen
I haven't been there yet, but I would like to go.
Does anyone want to go to the bar with me?
I will take the picture of the bar and update this blog.

Plum Wine 梅酒
Plum wine is called Umeshu 梅酒 in Japanese.

Bar name
Puedo Bar (プエドバル Puedobaru)


  • Making a reservation is not necessary.
  • Not only a group but also one person is also accepted to enter the bar.
  • Cover charge includes Wakame (sea vegetable) is 380 yen per person.
  • 8% Tax is not included in the prices.
  • Last call for drinks will occur with 10 minutes prior.
  • When you order this, they hope you to order some foods. It is not their rule though.

Business hours
11:00 am - 3:00 pm Lunch menu
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm Dinner menu
Sunday and national holiday are closed.
You should go there after 5:00 pm, if you would like the All-You-Can-Drink.

They offer many kinds of food like a restaurant.
In total, 2600 yen/person would be suitable for the 1-hour-all-you-can-drink and 2 foods.

Website (in Japanese)

ぐるなび - 東北居酒屋 プエドバル(Puedo Bar) (北千住/居酒屋)
【ネット予約で楽天スーパーポイントが貯まる】東北居酒屋 プエドバル(Puedo Bar)(北千住/居酒屋)の店舗情報をご紹介。お店のウリキーワード:完全個室など。ぐるなびなら店舗の詳細なメニューの情報やクーポン情報など、「東北居酒屋 プエドバル(Puedo Bar)」の情報が満載です。肉と野菜と東北がテーマの楽しいお店...
東北うまいもの酒場 プエドバル (北千住/居酒屋)
★★★☆☆3.44 ■東北のうまいもの【食材、郷土料理、日本酒】と梅酒焼酎飲み放題が人気のお店です。個室宴会も♪ ■予算(夜):¥3,000~¥3,999

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