Grilled Semi-dried Fish is a Japanese Traditional Food 魚の干物、焼き魚

Sakana-no-himono 魚の干物 is semi-dried fish that is a traditional Japanese food. Grilled himono ひもの is popular in Japan. We often put a bit of soy sauce on it.
I introduce 3 restaurants that offer himono in Tokyo.


A chain bar restaurant HIMONOYA ひもの屋 specializes in semi-dried fish. They use a charcoal grill.
The photo above is grilled horse mackerel. 590 yen
Toroaji-no-hiraki トロアジの開き
Grilled Collar of Yellowtail 590 yen
Burikama ブリカマ

Grilled Sardine with Seasoned Cod Roe 490 yen
Iwashi-menta イワシ明太
Seasoned cod roe is put in the sardine.
Grilled Long and Thick Leek 290 yen
Naganegi-no-ipponyaki 長ネギの一本焼き
Rice with Green Tea 390 yen
Ochazuke お茶漬け
* Pour a cup of tea over the rice. Put the pickles and wasabi in it.
Draft Beer
Large: Dainama 大生 690 yen
Medium: Chunama 中生 590 yen

Bar restaurant name

  • Cover charge is 400 yen per person, which includes an appetizer as shown by the photo above.
  • No service fee
  • Picture food menu is available.
  • Tax is not included in the prices.
  • Smoking is accepted.

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They are located in Sightseeing areas such as Ueno 上野, Ikebukuro 池袋, Shinjuku 新宿, Shibuya 渋谷, Shinbashi 新橋, Asakusa 浅草.

Business hours of Shinjuku 新宿 branch (新宿区役所前)
Monday through Friday
Lunch time 11:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner time 5:00 pm - 5:00 am

Saturday, Sunday, National holiday and Pre-holiday
Dinner time 4:00 pm - 5:00 am

ぐるなび - 個室居酒屋 新宿区役所前のひもの屋 (新宿/居酒屋)
【ネット予約で楽天スーパーポイントが貯まる】個室居酒屋 新宿区役所前のひもの屋(新宿/居酒屋)の店舗情報をご紹介。お店のウリキーワード:新宿  個室 魚など。ぐるなびなら店舗の詳細なメニューの情報やクーポン情報など、「個室居酒屋 新宿区役所前のひもの屋」の情報が満載です。ひとりでも二人でも大勢でも楽しめる『ひもの屋』 ...

(in Japanese)


They specialize in charcoal grilled semi-dried fish.
At dinner time, they also offer sashimi (fresh seafood).
At lunch time, they offer reasonable set meals when compared to what is served at other restaurants. (790 yen to more)
Set meals of grilled food at lunch time
あじ開き定食 790
さば文化干し定食 790
さばみりん干し定食 790
さんま開き定食 790
にしん開き定食 890
しまほっけ半身定食 890
しまほっけ一尾定食 1200
サーモンハラス干し定食 890
銀鮭塩焼き定食 890
銀だら西京漬け定食 990
関さば開き定食 1200
のどぐろ開き定食 2000
金目鯛開き定食 2200
炙り旨みベーコン定食 990
大山鶏もも香味炙り定食 990
岩中豚肩ロース塩焼定食 990
Charcoal grilled fish
Whole, and half-size grilled this fish is available.
It is a kind of mackerel, and cut open and semi-dried.

しまほっけ一尾定食 1200 yen (Shima-hokke-ichibi Teishoku)
Okhotsk Atka Mackerel Set Meal - Whole

しまほっけ半身定食 890 yen (Shima-hokke-hanmi Teishoku)
Okhotsk Atka Mackerel Set Meal - Half

I chose the whole size option. It was delicious, but it was too much fish to eat at once, I got tired of eating it. I think the half-sized fish would be the ideal portion.


サーモンハラス干し定食 890 yen (Salmon Harasu-boshi Teishoku)
Fatty Salmon Set Meal
Bar restaurant name

Business hours
Mon - Thu 11:00 am - 0:00 am
Fri and Pre-holiday  11:00 am - 4:00 am
Sat, Sun and Holiday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

  • No cover charge at lunch time / Cover charge is maybe 290 or 250 yen per person at dinner time.
  • Smoking is accepted at dinner time.
  • At lunch time, when you get into the entrance, first you need to order and pay the food at the cash desk.
This is the Home page of 越後屋八十吉, Izakaya of Ginza. We introduce store information and menus such as Charcoal grilled fish and dried fish in popular menu! 【Macke...

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This restaurant is situated between a shopping area Ginza 銀座 and a sightseeing place Tukiji 築地. You can walk around these areas.

Izakaya HACHIJO-JIMA 居酒屋 八丈島

Japanese Food Delicacies in Tokyo - Stinky Food KUSAYA くさや
KUSAYA of Hachijo-jima くさや 八丈島
It smells like a beast and some people might even say like poo-poo.
KUSAYA くさや is a type of half-dried fish, that's eaten after being grilled.
This fish is a kind of horse mackerel, and it costs 650 yen at a bar restaurant.

Food name: MUROAJI KUSAYA むろあじくさや
(Flying fish Kusaya is also available. Tobiuo-kusaya とび魚くさや)

This is a local traditional food of Izu Islands 伊豆諸島 in Tokyo 東京 such as Hachijo-jima island 八丈島.
One reason for the smell is the way it's prepared.
The fish is soaked in fermented KUSAYA liquid. This makes the fish smelly but adds a good taste. After this, it's then dried.

KUSAYA くさや is a little drier and has more of a chewy texture than the usual semi-dried fish, but its smell is surprisingly the strongest.
Some experts of KUSAYA くさや say that it's great to drink with sake and I think so as well.

Shortly after my friend bit into it, he gave up eating, but I ate all of it. For me the taste was OK.
To be honest, it was worth trying and it was a good experience, however I won't order it again.
Izakaya Hachijo-jima 居酒屋 八丈島
Bar restaurant name
Izakaya HACHIJO-JIMA 居酒屋 八丈島

They offer local food of the island.
SHIMAZUSHI of Hachijo-jima 島寿司 八丈島
Shima-zushi 島寿司 680 yen
This is sushi. Seasoned white meat fish (sashimi) on sweet vinegared rice ball

* The leaf on the picture above is Ashitaba 明日葉 (Ashitaba leaf). It is originally Japanese vegetable of Izu Islands 伊豆諸島 and so on.
Scientific name : Angelica keiskei
Hachijo-jima pizza 八丈島ピザ 680 yen
A lot of chopped Ashitaba leaves are in it. Good taste!
あしたばハイ 八丈島
Ashitaba-hai あしたばハイ 370 yen
Shochu-based beverage mixed with Ahitaba leaf juice. It is like healthy green juice.

They also offer other food except local food.
かぶと焼 兜焼き
Kabuto-yaki カブト焼 500 yen
Grilled fish head : It is palm-size and still a lot of edible meat around the head.
I like it. Tasty!

居酒屋 八丈島

(in Japanese)

Business hours
10:00 am - 3:00 am
Sunday 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

  • Cover charge is 270 yen per person.
  • No service fee
  • Tax is not included in the prices.
  • Smoking is accepted.

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The nearest station is Ikebukuro 池袋 Station in Tokyo.