JIRO-inspired Style Ramen of MENYA OTORI 麺屋 鳳 in Tokyo

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン RamenFood

This ramen restaurant specializes in JIRO-inspired style ramen. JIRO ramen is oily and cloudy broth, thick noodles, heaped with vegetables (mostly bean sprouts and a little bit cabbage), and topped with minced garlic and thickly sliced pork.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - 二郎インスパイア系ラーメン Ramen

An unique ordering system of JIRO ramen is that you can request customizations at two different times.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

Meal Ticket

Let's buy a meal ticket at the entrance!
I had Standard Ramen 小盛 800 yen.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

This ticketing machine accepts coins and 1000 yen bills. You can't use 5000 or 10000 yen bills. You should check your cash before going to the restaurant, because the staff members are too busy cooking to make change.

Standard Ramen

  • Small 小盛 Komori 160g 800 yen
    It has standard quantity. This name is small though.
  • Regular 普通 240g Futsuu 850 yen
  • Large 大盛 360g Oomori 950 yen

Spicy Ramen
It is standard ramen with spicy broth.

  • Small 辛小盛 Kara-Komori 160g 850 yen
  • Regular 辛普通 Kara-Futsuu 240g 900 yen
  • Large 辛大盛 360g Kara-Oomori 1000 yen

Sauce Ramen
It is used thick sauce instead of ramen broth.

  • まぜそば Mazesoba 950 yen

Dipping Ramen
Noodles and dipping broth are served separately.

  • つけ麺 Tsukemen 1000 yen
    This is available at 17:30 - 19:00 on Tuesday and Saturday only.


  • Chili Oil ラー油 Ra-yu 100 yen
  • Onion たまねぎ Tamanegi 50 yen
  • Raw Egg 生たまご Namatamago 50 yen
  • 5-Quail Eggs うずら5個 Uzura 100 yen
  • Dried Fish Powder 魚粉 Gyofun 50 yen
  • Additional Pork 豚増し Butamashi 200 yen
  • Canned Beer with bite to eat 缶ビールおつまみ付き Kan-biru 350 yen
麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen
麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen
麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

This ramen restaurant has some recommendations about portion size.

Ramen portions are available in …

  • Small 小盛 160g 800 yen
  • Regular 普通 240g 850 yen
  • Large 大盛 360g 950 yen

On your first visit, It might be best to try the small size 小盛, because the small portion at this restaurant has 160g of noodles, which is slightly larger than / about the same size as a typical regular size portion at other ramen restaurants.

Their regular / large  size may be too large for your first time.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

つけ麺は火・金・土 17:30 - 19:00の販売です。
Dipping Ramen is available at 17:30 - 19:00 on Tuesday and Saturday only. 

The ticket of additional pork topping is 1 ticket at maximum for 1 person. 

Waiting Line

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

These inside seats are the head of the waiting line.
Please wait for a while in the line. The staff beyond the counter will guide you to an empty seat.

When you have a seat

I will tell you the customizations for Standard Ramen and Spicy Ramen below.
This blog doesn't describe the customizations for the other types of ramen.

This customization is free of charge.
When you hand the meal ticket to the staff or put it on the counter at your seat, you can tell the staff your favorite customizations for noodles from the below, if you like.

  • Soft
    やわらかめ Yawarakame
  • Normal
    普通 Futsuu
  • Firm
    かため Katame

If you have no request,  you can say Normal 普通 Futsuu. When you say nothing, Normal is chosen.

* If you want to decease fat (oil), you should order at this time.

  • Less Fat (Oil)
    アブラ少なめ Abura-sukuname
麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

This toppings are free of charge.
After the approximately 15 minutes required for your food to cook, the staff will ask you in Japanese about toppings before they bring the ramen. As they may not speak English, it would be advisable to pay attention when the time approaches.

  • Extra Garlic ニンニク増し Ninniku-mashi
    Less Garlic にんにく少なめ Ninniku-sukuname
  • Extra Vegetables ヤサイ増し Yasai-mashi
    Less Vegetables ヤサイ少なめ Yasai-sukuname
  • Extra Fat アブラ増し Abura-mashi
    *Less Fat can be ordered at Customization-1
  • Thicker Broth カラメ Karame

If you are new to eat original JIRO / JIRO-inspired style ramen, no customization would be best for you.

You can just order All-Normal 全部普通 Zenbu-Futsuu at the customaization-1 and 2. 

Another example:
I will take Extra Garlic and Extra Vegetables, please.
Ninniku-Mashi, Yasai-Mashi de.

Not leaving too many leftovers is part of the special etiquette of original JIRO style / JIRO-inspired style ramen restaurants , so please only order an amount that fits your appetite.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

To be honest, I ordered Small Ramen with Extra Garlic, Extra Vegetables and Extra Fat in the photos above.
But I shouldn't have ordered Extra Fat. I ate all of the noodles, vegetables and garlic but I gave up eating some pork and drinking broth because the fat topping and the ramen broth were too oily for me. I got really full and a bit unpleasant. I'm sorry to make some leftover.

I recommend you order Small Ramen with Less Fat.

  • Less Fat アブラ少なめ Abura-sukuname by the time you order Customization-1

However, if you are young and really like oily junk food, maybe you can eat up everything!

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen
麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen
  • お水はセルフサービスとなっております。
    Water is free of charge and self-service.
  • 食べ終わりました食器類はカウンターの上へ戻していただきますようよろしくお願い致します。
    When you finish your meal, please return your empty bowl and glass above the counter.

If you like, add some spices such as white pepper, chili pepper and sauce, which are available for free on the table.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen


Do not use the bicycle-parking space at the residence next to the restaurant!
Park a bicycle at the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

麺屋 鳳 Menya Otori - ラーメン Ramen

Ramen restaurant name

Business hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 17:00 - 21:00
Sunday 11:30 - 16:00
Monday and Thursday are regularly closed.
The restaurant is often irregularly closed. Please check out their Twitter (in Japanese).

  • No service fee / No cover charge
  • Tax is included in the price.
  • No smoking
  • Maybe, there are no picture menu and no English menu.

Photos were taken in June 2019. Information is as of June 2019.

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