Modern and Traditional Japanese Entertainment Show Places in Tokyo - ROBOT RESTAURANT ロボットレストラン, KAGUWA 香和, TAKARAZUKA REVUE 宝塚歌劇

六本木香和 Roppongi KaguwaSightseeing

I recommend 3 show places in Tokyo. Please check out this blog page below.


六本木香和 Roppongi Kaguwa
This place is a show restaurant. It was great show!

When I went to see the show, an opportunity to take photos with the friendly actors and actresses was available for a while. It was fun to communicate with them.
I'm not sure if it is still possible or not. However, taking photos during the show was not allowed.

六本木香和 Roppongi Kaguwa
When I made a reservation I chose all-you-can-drink that includes several kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I got drunk a lot!
六本木香和 Roppongi Kaguwa
Show place name


  • It is like a musical, dance and dramatic show. The performers are mainly dressed in modern and artistic Kimono during the show.
  • Restaurant service is good. They offer a la carte menu, buffet and all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverages and so on.
  • There are many attractive actors and actresses.
六本木香和 -KAGUWA- オフィシャルサイト

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It is located Roppongi 六本木 Tokyo.


Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン
This place is more like watching a play of robots and beautiful dancers than having a meal at a restaurant, because they don't offer restaurant service. Although it is named "Restaurant".
Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン
You can order alcohol beverages during the break time. A few kinds of dinner boxes (1000, 1200 or 1500 yen) are optionally available, but you have to make a reservation of the food in advance.

It is pricey (8000 yen) but I honestly recommend you to enjoy the show during your travels in Tokyo. I went to Robot Restaurant twice, and I want to go again. I never get tired of looking at the show on the both days, because sometime they redesign the robots and change the stories and contents.

Robot Restaurant ロボットレストラン
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  • Wonderful robot show like an electrical parade of Disneyland but it was much more exciting to see the attractive show for me. You can meet the gorgeous performers really closely from your seat.
  • The performers are cute and sexy women. They are dressed in a variety of costumes.
  • When I went there taking pictures and video were allowed during the show.
ロボットレストラン | TOKYO |

Coupons are currently available at the following websites. (in Japanese)
If you don't read and write Japanese language, please ask your Japanese friend how to apply for this coupon.

  • If you show a hard copy of coupon pages "クーポン (means coupon)" and show it at the reception, you can get the 1000 yen discount, but making a reservation is necessary. (Showing the coupon on your smartphone is also accepted.)
    80007000 yen
    Coupon of Gurunavi ぐるなび

    Coupon of Tabelog 食べログ Click the tab クーポン on the page to show the coupon.

  • 2000 yen discount You need to make a reservation and pay a bill with credit card in advance on this website asoview! アソビュー.
    80006000 yen
  • Cheaper tickets
    5248 yen or 6500 yen
    Ticket of Voyagin ボヤジン
ROBOT RESTAURANT【ロボットレストラン】in Shinjuku,Tokyo 2019~平成最後~
This is not sexual show. However the girls are dressed in sexy costumes. Both women and men will enjoy the performance, surround sound and story like sci-fi movies, even if you don't understand Japanese language.


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  • I would like you to look over the official website about TAKARAZUKA in English.
  • All members are women. Their singing and performance skills are great!
The official website of the Takarazuka Revue. Find info on the Takarazuka Revue Company, including performances, the theater's allure, dedicated theaters and mo...
When I went there most customers were women. Takarazuka is popular with mainly women in a wide age range.

Google Maps of Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

Photos of this post were taken in 2014.