Roppongi 六本木


A beef bowl chain SUKIYA offers reasonable lunch set meals all over Japan. - すき家 牛丼 Gyudon

I recommend すき家 Sukiya's "Kimchi Beef Bowl" and "Lunch Menu".

Amazingly Reasonable Italian Restaurant SAIZERIYA in Japan サイゼリヤ

It is an Italian restaurant chain. Most of the foods cost from 199 to 599 yen. Their foods are reasonable and taste very good. All of the restaurants are No smoking.

Dance All Night Long! - Night Clubs in Tokyo

When I was young I used to go to night clubs in Tokyo.

MOTSU-NABE もつ鍋 is a Japanese hotpot that is local food of Hakata 博多 City Fukuoka 福岡

A bar restaurant chain HAKATA-GEKIJO 博多劇場 offers low priced beef Motsu-nabe. 牛もつ鍋Their restaurants are mainly located in and around Tokyo.

Ranking of Reasonable Pork Bowls in Tokyo 豚丼

I prefer pork bowl to beef bowl. This is my ranking of pork bowl.

Modern and Traditional Japanese Entertainment Show Places in Tokyo - ROBOT RESTAURANT ロボットレストラン, KAGUWA 香和, TAKARAZUKA REVUE 宝塚歌劇

I recommend 3 show places in Tokyo. Please look over this blog below.

Japanese Dog SHIBAINU (SHIBAKEN) 柴犬 and Mameshiba 豆柴

Shibainu 柴犬 is traditional Japanese dog. (It is also called Shibaken)

Standing Tempura Bars in Tokyo 天ぷら - KIKUYA 喜久や, TACHITENMARU 立天○

There are many kinds of standing bars in Japan, but standing tempura bars are rare.I will introduce 2 tempura bars in Tokyo that uses high quality ingredients such as seafood and oil.If you have the same quality tempura at a seating style luxury resta...

Ramen Chain KOURAKUEN 幸楽苑 - 中華そば, ラーメン, Gyoza Dumplings 餃子, Dipping Ramen つけめん

KOURAKUEN 幸楽苑 offers many kinds of ramen for around 440 yen - 740 yen.

A Japanese Hot Pot Dish SHABU-SHABU at a restaurant ON-YASAI しゃぶしゃぶ 温野菜 - All-You-Can-Eat

This restaurant specializes in all-you-can-eat Shabu-shabu しゃぶしゃぶ. Itis a Japanese hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat, tofu and vegetables boiled in the soup stock and served yourself with dipping sauces.

The best udon I have ever had is Udon Honjin YAMADAYA in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. うどん本陣 山田家 讃岐本店

A udon restaurant Udon Honjin YAMADAYA うどん本陣 山田家 offers delicious udon in traditional Japanese style residence that was used in 1751-1829.They also has a branch restaurant in Roppongi 六本木 Tokyo.

Deep-Fried Food on a Skewer at KUSHIKATSU TANAKA 串カツ田中 all over Japan 串揚げ

Deep-fried foodon a skewerA restaurant chain Kushikatu Tanaka 串カツ田中 which is good for non-smokers.

Hanamaru Udon はなまるうどん - Noodles, Tempura 天ぷら

Hanamaru Udon is large udon chain restaurant. They offer inexpensive udon all over Japan. I like their udon borth and tempura. They offer many kinds of Udon and tempura. Udon costs from 150 yen. A piece of tempura costs 100 yen to more.