Inakazushi (Inaka-Sushi) in Kochi is Good for Vegetarian and Vegan. 高知 田舎寿司

高知 田舎寿司 Inakazushi (Inaka-sushi) in KochiFood

Inakazushi (Inaka-Sushi) 田舎寿司 is Kochi Prefecture's traditional local sushi. The sushi toppings are usually used vegetables. This sushi is healthy and tasty.

This sushi is popular in Kochi 高知, you can easily find it at supermarkets, airport and sightseeing places in Kochi. However, except Kochi, this type of sushi is not common.

高知 田舎寿司 Inakazushi (Inaka-sushi) in Kochi

Toppings in the photo above

  • Bamboo Shoot たけのこ Takenoko
  • Myoga みょうが It is a bud of Japanese Myoga ginger
  • Konnyaku こんにゃく It is jelly made from konjac yam root.
  • Ryukyu りゅうきゅう It is a stalk of colocasia gigantea (species of taro).

Inakazushi (Inaka-Sushi) 田舎寿司:
Inaka means countryside. This sushi is countryside sushi.

In the Kochi 高知 Prefecture of Japan, there are many fishing port areas. Kochi is known for shipping fresh and tasty seafood, especially bonito and mackerel.
Kochi's area ratio of the forest is 84%, that is the highest ratio (No.1) in the 48 districts of Japan.

Long ago, it was difficult for people who lived in the forest region to have fresh seafood because seafood goes bad quickly. So instead, they used many kinds of vegetables which are available around the forest for making sushi.

高知 田舎寿司 Inakazushi (Inaka-sushi) in Kochi

Putting soy sauce is not necessary because the toppings are seasoned. (Of course, it would be a good idea to put soy sauce and wasabi on it, if you want.)

One of the specialties of Inakazushi is vinegar. Sushi rice is made of rice and Yuzu citron juice instead of usual vinegar.

高知 田舎寿司 Inakazushi (Inaka-sushi) in Kochi

Some people use fish and egg for ingredients of Inakazushi (Inaka-Sushi).

高知 田舎寿司 Inakazushi (Inaka-sushi) in Kochi
  • Shiitake Mushroom しいたけ
  • Inarizushi (Inari-Sushi) いなりずし It is deep fried tofu which is made from soybeans.
高知 田舎寿司 Inakazushi (Inaka-sushi) in Kochi

りゅうきゅう Ryukyu 田舎寿司

Ryukyu りゅうきゅう Colocasia gigantea (species of taro)

りゅうきゅう Ryukyu 田舎寿司
みょうが Bud of Japanese Myoga Ginger

みょうが Japanese Myoga Ginger

みょうが Bud of Japanese Myoga Ginger - 素麺 そうめん Somen Noodles
Bamboo shoot たけのこ 筍 竹の子 刺身

Bamboo Shoot たけのこ Takenoko

Bamboo shoot たけのこ 筍 竹の子 刺身
Shiitake Mushroom 椎茸 しいたけ シイタケ

Shiitake Mushroom しいたけ

Chicken Restaurant 鳥の王様 TORINO-OUSAMA in Nishiarai 西新井 Tokyo 東京

I often eat this sushi.

My Best Mackerel Sushi is "Mackerel with Leaf Mustard Sushi さば高菜巻 Saba-takana-maki". 鯖寿司・サバ鮨
I will rank the different kinds of mackerel sushi you can inexpensively get in and around Tokyo. This mackerel is usually marinated in vinegar, and tasty.