Watching Fireflies in Tokyo ホタル 蛍

ホタル 蛍 ほたる FireflySightseeing

Have you seen fireflies?
An event for watching fireflies is being held in an observation room at Adachi Park of Living Things 足立生物園 in the daytime.

You can see fireflies in the prepared room without expensive cost.
Instead, if you want to see fireflies in the nature you need to go to other places at night.

You can easily see fireflies in daytime in Tokyo.

It's open from 13:00 to 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday between June 15 and July 7, 2019.

ホタル 蛍 ほたる Firefly

Adachi Park of Living Things 足立生物園
It is located in Tokyo.

ホタル 蛍 ほたる Firefly
  • Watch time is 30 minutes.
  • The room is free, however, the park's required admission is 300 yen.
  • Please leave the room when your time is over so the next customers may enter.
  • Seat capacity is for 40 people. You must sit down on the seat while watching in the room.

Website (in Japanese)

昆虫から魚、両生爬虫類、哺乳類まで生きものいっぱいの動物園!! 対馬の絶滅危惧種、ツシマウラボシシジミの保全活動も!!
  • Monday is closed.

The nearest station is Takenotsuka 竹ノ塚 Station.

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